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6 Anime Video Games That You Should Play Right Now

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My fellow anime fans, did you know that there are hundreds of video games based on anime? Some of them are a complete snoozefest (looking at you, Beyblade VForce), while others are incredible. For anime fans who also happen to be gamers, the world is looking rosier than ever.

Being a hardcore anime fan these days is absolutely awesome. Some media giants like Toonami still provide an exceptional lineup of dubbed anime shows. On the other hand, CrunchyRoll, Funimation Now, and even Netflix provide a bigger slate of iconic anime to follow. Before all of these media streaming giants, anime fans used to buy tapes with only a select number of episodes of their favorite anime shows.


There were also a good number of respected video game publishers who had tried to get into the anime craze. While you can tell great effort was put into creating a spectacular game based on a beloved anime, a lot of these attempts fell short of fans' expectations. Transforming an esteemed anime series into an equally compelling and riveting video game is a difficult endeavor, to say the least. Some of the best examples of these games that didn't quite meet their fans standards include Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, and Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective.


Today, there's still a surmountable amount of lackluster anime games on the market. However, there's also a respectable number of games that draw inspiration from popular anime that took the fans' feedback into account and released something amazing. With this in mind, I've managed to compile six of the best gems that one can find within the anime games spectrum. Here are some of the best anime games that you should check out:

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Goku and the Z fighters has an avid fan base, and for the longest time, these fans have been requesting a 2D fighting game. Subsequently, Arc System Works stepped up and followed through on these fan's requests. They ended up making that anime game into a reality, and you could say that Dragon Ball FighterZ looks the part, sounds the part and plays the part.


Dragon Ball FighterZ features a 3v3 battle that allows for insane combos. These combos call on the power of your allied heroes' varied super moves and assist attacks. Moreover, it includes incredibly cool graphics, such as finishing off an enemy by kicking them right into a mountain. You could say that this mechanic draws memories of some of Dragon Ball's most epic clashes. 


Lastly, this Dragon Ball game includes a massive roster of fan-favorite variations of the franchises' iconic characters. Fight as Goku or Vegeta alongside Trunks or Krillin against fan favorites like Frieza and Magin Buu. Without a doubt, Dragon Ball FighterZ is on top of the fighting games which are based on beloved anime characters.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

Omega Force Musou has been able to put their unique spin on numerous anime franchises, such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Fist of the North Star, Berserk, and The Heroic Legend of Arslan. These anime and their anime games have all been represented by Dynasty Warriors' unique mechanics of button-mashing mayhem. 


With this in mind, one of the best from that bunch certainly includes the Pirate Warriors games, and it draws direct inspiration from the world of One Piece. There's no doubt that the most recent entry in the series is one of the best. This game features a huge collection of playable characters, and the fighting style and combat are even more hectic. Also, the fact that the game features the franchises' original characters is pretty cool.


There's even a wider range of special moves, and all of these moves allow for more combo potential. Without a doubt, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is a must-play if you're a fan of the franchise, and if you'd like an enjoyable time mashing buttons.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - Road to Boruto

The Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series is one of the longest-running franchises in the anime game world. Interestingly, the franchise recently came out with the sixth installment in their widely-celebrated Ultimate Ninja Storm line. The Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 brings back the Awakenings battle mechanics as well as the Ultimate Jutsu. 


Developers also managed to increase the game's high fun factor with the ability to switch between different characters mid-fight. The story mode is also incredibly intriguing as it wraps up all the closing chapters of the anime. That being said, they made sure to include the biggest ninja clashes and make it as epic as possible in boss battle form. Lastly, the welcome DLC inclusion of Boruto's first adventure acts as the cherry on top of Naruto's finest swoop into arena fighters.

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost ON

Mobile Suit Gundam has been one of the most beloved franchises in the anime world. Avid followers of the franchise now have their dream fighting game on a highly respectable platform such as the PS4. This game includes a total of 183 Mobile Suit units which are all at your disposal in this hyperactive arena fighter.


The game features battle mechanics that make you feel like a true mech brawler. You could say that it's a natural evolution and coming-into-form of SEGA's Virtual-On games. And, it includes a plethora of single and multiplayer content, making it more valuable than the average anime arena fighting game.


The only downside is the game's complicated control scheme, however, it certainly does not break the deal. Once you've gotten used to it, you'll quickly feel immersed in the intense Mobile Suit Gundam fights that are taking place on your screen. Skip all the other Gundam games, and give this one all your attention!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution

The Yu-Gi-Oh! anime franchise is one of the most entertaining card games ever. Back in the 2000s, it took a chokehold of a young generation filled with avid collectors and professional players. It quickly turned into an anime craze, and it managed to capture the imagination of America as a whole.  


Fast forward nearly two decades later, the anime finally got its greatest video game to date. Yu-Gi-oH! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution features a game mechanic that's truly more unique than the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! games. It allows users to play out climactic card clashes that erupt against other duelists. Additionally, the game features a library of 10,000 cards on deck, and you'll have a great time mixing and matching to create your very own card set.


One could argue that this game is one of the best ones on the Nintendo Switch platform. It surely brings a ton of excitement, and the element of nostalgia makes it more enjoyable.

Fairy Tail

If you're looking for an RPG game that draws inspiration from one of the most celebrated anime franchises, then this game might be the one. Koei Tecmo wanted to do something different when it comes to producing video games. He decided to hand the franchise over to RPG developer Gust Co. Ltd, and one can argue that the decision to hand the work over to them was due to their stellar work on the Atelier franchise.


Gust Co. Ltd. was able to produce a surprisingly good RPG based on three epic arcs within the Fairy Tail saga. This game is jam-packed with worthwhile content, and there's a satisfying amount of characters at your disposal. Also, there's a unique battle system, a plethora of side missions, and incredibly catchy background music. It's also worth noting that the game features a vast journey, and there is a lot of things to do while battling alongside the Fairy Tail guild. Without a doubt, Fairy Tail is one of the best RPGs of the past year 2020.


These games are some of the best anime-based games that you can play across different platforms. You can argue that these games are great because they draw direct inspiration from the anime franchises that we all know and love. The developers of these games did a fantastic work to incorporate fresh and unique mechanics that make these games incredibly enjoyable. If you're looking to sink your teeth in some excellent anime-based games, then these are the best ones you should look into. You won't be dissapointed!

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