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Soul Eater [TV]

Soul eater, soul eater
Soul Eater
Plot Summary

Shibusen, standing for Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) the technical school for Reaper Armsmasters that operates from the deepest recesses of all the corners of the world, in order to prevent the second coming of the so-called Demon God who is feared upon bringing destruction of all humankind and envelop the world with nothing but madness and darkness. The reaper built this agency for weapons and for those who will be trained to wield them. The school is run by Shinigami (Reaper) a.k.a Death.

To cut it short, it is some kind of organization to protect justice. It is said that souls that have strayed from the path of men shall eventually be transformed into that of the Demon God.
The homicidal killer, Jack the Ripper is the first example of an egg of the Demon God. Killing and taking souls from other people to increase his own power and thus, he was no longer considered human.

Students from Shibusen who are called Maka and her companion Soul Eater Evans, appeared in front of Jack the Ripper while he was hunting for another target one after another. Soul is the weapon which is a scythe that can take human form and Maka is the wielder and together they fought Jack and took away his soul and were later eaten by Soul Eater himself. It is said that it was their 99th soul to get from eggs of the Demon God and if Soul Eater can eat the soul of a witch, he can evolve from a scythe to a Death Scythe.

After finishing their task, they immediately reported to Mr. Reaper by summoning the ‘’Death Room’’ which can only be opened if you have the number of combinations which is 42-42-564 (Shini shini kisroshi) It directly connects to Mr. Reaper.

Maka’s father suddenly appears from behind and diss Soul Eater and telling him not to lay any finger on Maka. Soul didn’t appear to be interested in those things so he’s just chilling and Maka seems to deny her own father. To continue what they were discussing, Mr.Reaper just warned them not to take it easy because there are many other wielders who had died trying to get a soul from witches and if they fail-they must forfeit all 99 Demon God eggs they have recovered.

On their journey to look for witches, they stopped at a pumpkin-shaped house with a witch named Blair while taking her bath. Soul Eater tells Maka not to sneak in because it’s not a manly move to make but Maka tells him to wait because the witch is unlikely of those they have encountered so far. Soul charged in and broke the witches’ window and landed on her bath tub and her chest. There was a little fan service when Soul Eater saw Blair’s bare chest covered with bubbles. He backs off with a bleeding nose saying that a cool guy like him should be used to seeing naked women. Maka suddenly barges in too and kicks soul while apologizing to Blair for barging in. Since it was their objective to defeat a witch and get a soul from her, Blair also had to defend herself from trouble and so she accepted their challenge.

As expected, she was too powerful for them and not only that-she also teases and flirts with Soul Eater and gets him multiple nosebleeds during their confrontation.

They came back again to challenge the witch but ended up seeing her walking towards their direction and they tried to hide themselves but the witch saw their bodies sticking out from the tree they were hiding. She jumped onto Soul Eater and hugged him and gave him nosebleeds again. On the next day, they had planned their attack on a piece of paper.

Since they were arguing about how a piece of paper’s gonna defeat the witch, she had already been waiting for them and ambushed them with her halloween cannon spell. They tried fighting her day after day to the point that she asked Soul Eater to be hers instead of Maka. She calls Soul Eater ‘’Scythe Cutie’’

Blair’s appearance is undeniably attractive. She has shoulder length hair that is purple and she wears a pretty sexy witch dress and witch hat and sits on her floating pumpkin chair. She became serious when Maka declined to her offer about giving Soul Eater to her.

During the fight, Soul Eater never responds to Maka when she calls him and she was in a pinch. Later on, Soul Eater turned back into a human and told Maka to stop the fight because he is convinced that he wants to be Blair’s scythe and compared Maka to Blair. ‘’It’s pretty obvious that any guy would pick a curvy babe like this over a shorty like you any day, isn’t it?’’ is what he told Maka.

His words hurt Maka a lot. Making her think that men are like her dad, that men are cheaters. Maka bursted in tears and that’s when Soul Eater turned his hands to a scythe and that point on, Maka knew it was just a bluff and they both held hands so Soul Eater can transform to the weapon he is and successfully slice Blair off.

After successfully getting Blair’s soul, it was time for Soul Eater to upgrade into a Death Scythe-or not. As soon as he ate the soul, he felt sudden change in magic power but also drifted just seconds after he digested it. Turns out, Blair was not a witch from the beginning but a cat filled with strong magic powers.
Because of this, all of the 99 Demon Eggs they recovered will be forfeited. It was only the beginning of Maka and Soul Eater’s journey. At the near end of episode 1, Assassin Black Star, was introduced. Black Star hides in the darkness and also moves in the darkness along with his caring weapon, Tsubaki. On the later episodes, Death the Kid (Mr.Reaper’s son) was also featured. Maka and Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki, and Death the Kid and his pistol partners, Liz and Patty joined forces and formed a team.

Main Characters:

Maka Albarn
-The main heroine of the anime. As seen in the anime, she is a Scythe-Mesiter. Maka is the daughter of the Great Spirit Albarn, although she hates him a lot after witnessing her father cheating here and there. Maka teamed up with Soul, in order to create a Death Scythe more powerful than her father’s.
Maka’s appearance is a petite teenage girl that has blonde hair that she always wears it with twintails. But there are times she lets her hair down. She is usually seen wearing her default outfit; a white blouse with a yellow school vest partnered with a green tie with stripes, red plaid skirt covered with her black long-end jacket. She also wears white gloves and white boots.


Maka’s personality is very bright, confident, cheerful and hardworking. She is a strong-willed person and has compassion for other people.
Maka gets insecure too despite her personality. Whenever Soul Eater tells her that she’s short, she’s unattractive and gloomy she would sometimes smack him for it. She perceives all men are liars and cheaters because of her experiences from her father. Whenever she has a bad mood and they try to annoy her, she lets out her Maka Chop.

Soul (Soul Eater) Evans
- Soul was originally a part of a famous musician family called Evans. He was skilled with playing the piano but he suffered from assuming that he will never surpass his brother. After discovering his weapon abilities, he joined DWMA. He is Maka’s demon weapon; a scythe. When he was about to become a Death Scythe, he failed due to capturing and killing the wrong person who they thought was a witch. It wasn’t a witch but a cat. Now he has to start all over again.

Soul’s has red droopy eyes white hair and usually swept on the side and has pointy teeth. Soul is wearing a bandana with his name on it and with a circular sticker with a mouth and the letters E-A-T; and his jacket with a mixed color of yellow and black. He wears red long pants and yellow shoes to match his jacket. His facial expressions are the most noticeable features of him. He has this heavily exaggerated facial expressions that makes him look so lazy and uninterested in others things other than being cool.

In his weapon form, he takes on a form of a long, silver staff with a mix of red and black colored scythe with the two colors separated like a zigzag line. At the side, the staff has eyes that can change expressions too depending on Soul’s expressions.


Soul is very lazy and stubborn. Because of his attitude, he and Maka would always argue. He would refer to himself as someone ‘’cool’’. Whenever he does something funny or wrong, he tells himself that it’s not cool. He is the exact opposite of Maka, but is able to strengthen the bonds with her despite being different from her. He and Black Star are also friends because they are both immature at times.
Soul is fond of eating souls as he is always drooling whenever he finds a new target.

Black Star
-Is the last survivor of the Star clan and was taken in by DWMA and was raised by Sid Barett. He is an assassin and a Shadow Weapon Meister. He is also one of the top three students in the school.


Black Star is a short teenager with a dark toned skin and blue spiky hair that looks like a star, and green eyes and looks a bit muscular for his age. His main outfit consists of a black sleeveless top with a funnel-like collar and white trousers with a hint of black below the knee. His shoes are colored gray and black with a star logo in front.

Black Star is known for being immature and loud. He is quite arrogant and egoistic and cannot stand the thought of someone snatching attentions from him.
The good thing about Black Star is his positivity and laughs despite being in a rough situation.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
-Tsubaki came from an ancient weapon clan known as the Nakatsukasa Clan. She is Black Star’s Demon Weapon. Tsubaki inherited the famous trait of their clan which in every generation has the ability to change into multiple ninja weapons.


Tsubaki is a pretty, tall and busty character. She wears a pale yellow sleeveless oufit with slices on the side that reveals her legs and also a yellow star on the left side of her outfit. She has black hair that she would usually tie up as a ponytail. Her eyes are indigo and her skin color is just right. She also wears one black stocking on her left leg and black bandages with a hint of gray wrapped on her arms.

Tsubaki is a loving and caring character and she’s one of the older characters, she is mature. Characters in the show labelled her as caring and kind hearted. Her personality is very pleasing because she is polite, gentle, and understanding.

Death The Kid
-He is quite the perfectionist. He is the son of Mr. Reaper and the Meister of the Demon Twin Guns. He is also one of the top ranking students (first to third) in DWMA and is the one who will inherit his father’s position. He is commonly called as Kid.

Kid has ectomorph type of body. Lean and slim. He appears to be shorter than his Twin Guns, Liz and Patty. He wears a black suit with a white formal shirt inside and white rectangular shape on his shoulders and in the middle of his suit. His hair is black with three white stripes on the side.


Unlike Soul and Black Star, Kid is calm and well-mannered. Kid is full of pride in upholding and inheriting his father’s position once the time has come. But Kid wants to do things his way. As mentioned above, he’s a perfectionist. He wants to plan everything perfectly so it will go smoothly as he wants it to. He wants a balance between everything. Having the status of a God, Kid is not the one to brag about things like it as Black Star mentioned.

An anime full of fun and action with unexpected plot twists. A combination of epic moments, sad moments, happy and touching moments as well as action-packed adventure.

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