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I play 8 but all except 3 are for fun. Flute (main, I've been playing for 5 yrs 6 in oct) piano (don't ask how long bc idek) ukulele, soprano recorder, bells (mini xylophone) snare drum, and I'm a soprano in choir and my range is around B3-D6 give or take one note above or below
Jul 22, 23 at 9:44pm
Who all is going to Anime-Zing? If so, who are you cosplaying as?
Hey, it's me and my friend's first con. We're both 20 and trying to hang with people our age. Hmu on discord @thealmightymuhps if you want to hang. We'll be there all 3 days
Jul 07, 23 at 12:39am
have same question
Meet Up
3 months ago • Make Friends
Jul 05, 23 at 8:15pm
Will there be a Minecraft meet up?
3 months ago • Make Friends
Jul 04, 23 at 5:34pm
Is there an AnimeMidwest Discord?
Hey everyone. This is my first time at anime midwest and I'm looking for people to meet up with and hangout during the convention. I went to anime central in May so I have a decent grasp of the convention center layout and I'm looking to enjoy the panels and concerts this time around. I'll be there all 3 days so if anyone is looking to find new people I'm all for it. Reach out on Facebook at Brian Karls (you'll see my convention photos) or on discord @fandomgames
Hey all! This is my first big anime-con post-university and I've just moved back to the area. I'm a 23 y/o female. I'm looking for peeps my age who wanna hang out and explore the convention together. I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday. I'm huge into Naruto and Demon Slayer but have dabbled in many others. Play a lot of League in my free time and love DDR. If you wanna connect - my insta is @mwilcox255 or my discord is @darkstar99999. :-) Looking forward to meeting many likeminded and cool people this weekend!!!!
Jun 27, 23 at 5:49pm
Where do you even get the special tickets ? I wanna go to the cafe but not even the people I’m coming with know
I’ll be cosplaying as V1 from Ultrakill for all three days. If any of you go as V2 or Gabriel hit me up
When are badge picks able to be picked up because my friend and I wanted to get ours this Saturday but our other friend said we wouldn't be able to get our badges because the place wont let us?? Please can someone help! Thank you!
Jun 21, 23 at 1:40am
Dear immortals, I need some wow gold inspiration to create.
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