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Twitter Exploded in Celebration for the 16th Anniversary of Fairy Tail

Hundreds of Fairy Tail manga fans recalled some of the most unforgettable moments in both manga and anime on its 16th anniversary. The manga was released on August 2, 2006, and since then, it became popular with anime lovers worldwide. It became widely recognized due to its unique and captivating storyline. When the anime adaptation was announced, its fan base grew much wider. 

The anime revolves around Natsu and his journey to find Igneel, the dragon he grew up with. Igneel is also known as The Fire Dragon King and the father of Ignia. Before his unexpected departure, Igneel was shown as a devoted father figure to Natsu. Despite leaving Natsu, Igneel is depicted as being immensely protective of him. However, in contrast to his frequently portrayed caring nature, Igneel also has the ability to be aggressive and violent depending on the situation. 

Hiro Mashima: The Creator of the Manga

Aside from Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima is also recognized for his fantasy mangas including Rave Master and Edens Zero. Hiro won the Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen manga in 2009 and was widely considered one of the notable guests at San Diego Comic-Con in 2008. 

In his early career, Hiro was inspired by these two popular mangas: Dragon Ball and Ultimate Muscle. He particularly cherished scenes in which the main characters encountered challenges but always emerged victorious. Additionally, he enjoyed the fierceness portrayed in war scenes, which inspired him to subsequently include his own brand of fierceness in his following works.

After high school, Hiro decided to attend an art school to pursue his dream career. However, he dropped out without completing the subjects because he believed that the school would just teach him the basics. Thus, in the end, Hiro decided to start his journey by himself. Until the Fairy Tail manga emerged from his hands. 

What is it all about?

The Fairy Tail series is a fanciful and action-packed animation, which features talking dragons, cats, and wizards. This crowd-favorite series follows the perils of the characters that encounter various challenges and ultimately conquer them through friendship and shared love. 

Main Characters

Aside from its captivating storyline and unexpected plot twist, one of the main reasons why the series became a top favorite is the charismatic personality of the characters. Although each of them has its own distinct characteristics, they are all appealing in some way. Let’s take a closer look at these main characters and their abilities that you will surely love or even love more. 

Natsu Dragneel

The Fire Dragon King Igneel taught Natsu Dragneel how to use fire dragon slaying magic, which is the main focus of his powers and abilities. This enables him to use all kinds of fire dragon-slaying magic. After receiving some of Laxus’ magic, Natsu can use lightning dragon slayer magic in addition to his fire dragon slaying abilities.

Erza Scarlet

Erza is one of Fairy Tail’s most physically gifted members and is arguably the guild’s best close combat and weapon user because her abilities revolve around her requip magic. Depending on the armor she is wearing, her combat skills depend on her ability to use swords and other weapons. 


Unlike with other main characters, Happy does not have numerous power abilities that allow him to defeat all the villains. Despite being just a support-base character, Happy plays a vital role in Team Natsu because he has the ability to carry them into an entirely different place. Opposite her height, Happy is actually quite tough and can endure powerful blows that would have severely wounded other characters. 

Wendy Marvell

Wendy is a first-generation dragon slayer. Her sky dragon slayer magic, which enables her to control air, is the source of her skills. Wendy is able to use the same magic to cast healing spells. As her attacking powers are frequently rather limited, Wendy’s magic is more support-oriented than it is for the majority of the other dragon slayers.

Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster has the ability to shape any object just by using ice. Additionally, Gray has the ability to control the element of ice by performing the basic ice magic. In a later episode of the series, he discovered how to use ice devil slayer magic, a type of ice magic that can kill demons. As a result, he manipulated the element of ice and used it to his advantage when casting magic that is effective against demons. 

Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy lacks the physical abilities that the other Fairy Tail members do. Despite this fact,  she is a skilled user of celestial spirit magic, enabling her to summon celestial spirits. The ten gold keys that Lucy is in possession of having the power to call forth the formidable zodiac spirits. Lucy can transform by gaining the abilities of the spirits housed within the keys, just as she can perform star dress using the keys of her celestial spirits. Additionally, Lucy is capable of using the fairy sphere, the ultimate protective spell developed by the creator of Fairy Tail.

Fans took over Twitter to celebrate its anniversary by wearing cosplays

This all-time favorite series portrays friendships and camaraderie, which are deeply loved by its fans. Thus, to celebrate its significant day, anime fans marked its 16th-year-journey through Twitter. Some fans even took it to a higher level and wore cosplays.

In honor of the series’ 16th anniversary, several fans shared some of their favorite manga and anime still via Twitter. One admirer was even pleased as he remembered how this top-rated series had lifted his heart during a period of depression. Thus, we cannot deny the fact that the series significantly impacted the lives of most viewers. Perhaps, if you will try to ask your anime lover friend why they love the series or the manga itself, one of their main reasons will surely be its light and captivating storyline. 

Many Fairy Tail fans thanked the show’s creators on Twitter for creating one of the best television series and manga they have ever seen or read so far. With the relationship that is portrayed, this is an engaging series that gives the viewers the impression that they are a part of the entire journey. For some fans, Fairy Tail has become their number one anime when it comes to perfect plot and graphics. For them, Fairy Tail doesn’t just warmly welcome them to the series; it also warmly invites them to join the guild and the family. 

Hundreds of cosplayers worldwide attended this AnimeFest 2022 and grabbed this opportunity to show off their favorite anime characters. Some fans joined the festival through social media and enjoyed watching various cosplayers who characterized their bias. 

Some Fans Even Created a Backstory Manga with Their Bias

This anniversary allows fans to show off their talents in creating their own manga. Some of them even created their own manga out of the backstory of their favorite character. Other attendees were amazed by these artworks and even praised these artists through social media platforms. 

Final Thoughts

With its fanciful plot and unique characters, you cannot question the popularity of the series. Thousands of anime lovers worldwide are hooked by its superb graphics and exciting storylines. They also even have their own biases and make them an inspiration to create their own version of the manga. Some of them took the opportunity to celebrate its 16th anniversary to express how much they really love the entire series as well as the creator by joining cosplay events. 

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