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5 of the Best (or the Worst) Anime Characters with Split Personalities

Anime doesn’t usually portray characters with split personalities. However, if they create one, it will be one of the most stunning characters. Split personality is also called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). This is when a person has two or more independent personalities whose various identities control a person’s behavior at any given time. In an anime, DID is usually the turning point or the highlight of the entire plot. Split-personality anime characters frequently have conflicts between their various personas, which leads to interesting plot hooks and intrapersonal drama.

Some anime characters create a new part of themselves to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. This can even change their physical appearance. Characters from the DID anime series or films play a variety of psychological and even comic roles, revealing another way that anime addresses human nature. Let’s take a closer look at these 5 of the best characters with split personalities. 

Reiner Braun From Attack On Titan

If you watched the Attack on Titan series, you would surely notice the unique character of Reiner Braun. The series portrays his two distinct personalities: the soldier and the warrior personas. Because of their own distinct memories, each side behaves differently throughout the whole storyline.

Reiner’s brutality is highly evident in the series and sometimes behaves like a typical Scout who is unaware of his objective to catch Eren. Soon after his old friend passed away suddenly, Reiner began to develop a split personality disorder. Over time, he started to merge some of their personalities with his own. The root cause of this split personality is his years spent fighting for Marley when he was a little boy. Take a closer look at these top three situations where Reiner shows symptoms of DID.

His Reaction To Marcos’ Death

Marco’s death explained the psychological conflict between Annie and Reiner. It is also one of the most memorable scenes of the series. As a warrior, Reiner sees nothing but his main objective. He, therefore, had no remorse for controlling Annie’s emotions and neglecting Marco’s pleas. However, he also feels devastated seeing Marco suffer.  

His Sudden Change of Reaction After What Happened to Eren and Ymir

This is highly evident in episode 9 of the series. When Reiner expresses his gratitude that the wall was not broken, strongly suggests that the year 445 is still having an effect on his psychological being. 

His Life With Friends vs. His Duties

Reiner’s monologue reveals a lot about his distress and frustration with himself. The tears in his eyes expose the internal conflicts he’s suffering as he doesn’t know anymore what is right and wrong. Reiner clearly experienced trauma as a result of having to destroy the wall at the age of 12. In light of this, it can be concluded that Reiner used his dedication to the military as a coping technique. 

Hatsuharu From Fruits Basket

Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket is tolerant and unhurried, just like his Ox Zodiac. When it comes to family and friends, he remains stubborn yet caring. “Black Haru” occasionally appears at the most unlikely times. This side of Haru is said to be boisterous, and aggressive. Black Haru also has a wicked side, which usually makes Yuki irritated. 

Prior to the start of the series, Haru was in a relationship with Isuzu Sohma, but she subsequently ended it in order to keep him safe. He eventually married Rin, and the two of them have twins, Sora and Riku.

Zenitsu From Demon Slayer

Perhaps, most viewers would think that Zenitsu from Demon Slayer is such a cry baby with a lot of anxieties. The truth is that he is not as much of a whiner as people believe. Zenitsu is more composed than Inosuke and Tanjiro when he isn’t fighting for Nezuko’s love. In comparison to the other two, who lived in the mountains, he is also more civilized. When he is unconscious, his serious side emerges, revealing his full potential. Despite the fact that he always fears being slain, he obtains a place as a Demon Slayer.

Yogi From Karneval

Yogi is a member of Circus and a talented swordsman who enjoys interacting with kids as a mascot. He comes across as more annoying when it’s around Gareki, though. One of this character’s most interesting facts is how his violent personality emerges whenever his allergy patch is taken off of his face. His eye color shifts from purple to red, and his hair turns from blonde to silver. He can fight with anybody who stands in his way when the “Silver Yogi” character appears. 

He appears to have forgotten about the acquaintances he made while in his normal state. Yogi is a highly kind person who values his friendships and becomes quite concerned if they are in danger. This is too evident when Nai and Karoku went missing.  Yogi adores Nyanperowna so much that the majority of his possessions and clothing come from the trademark. 

Harumi Chono From Paranoia Agent

Harumi Chono from Paranoia Agent is the perfect example for those people who are suffering from split personality disorder without even realizing it. During the night, she becomes Maria and an ordinary tutor in the morning. These two sides of Harumi can actually communicate through an answering machine. 

Harumi loses all memory and control of the situation when Maria takes it in. Nevertheless, Harumi and Maria are able to live separate lives until Harumi receives a marriage proposal from Akihiko Ryu, her co-worker. Harumi Chono was given the name of a butterfly due to her split personality disorder. Only Harumi shares the same structure as the other people’s surnames and starts with the letter Cho. “Chocho” is the word for a butterfly. Similar to how Harumi is only half of a person, Cho is only half of it. This makes the character distinct from the rest. 

Top Anime To Watch That Portray With Psychological Disorders

Psychological anime is highly considered a distinct genre due to its variety of disorders portrayed, which all usually include mystery and death. Most psychological anime push viewers to think deeper than what they are shown. They will not spoon-feed you every detail. The characters that suffer from psychological disorders make the entire series or film more fascinating. If you are looking for something to watch, here are some of the top psychological anime to consider. 

Code Geass. If you are looking for a perfect series with brilliant tactics and amazing characters, Code Geass should be on your priority list. The entire plot will surely blow your mind.

Grisaia no Kajitsu. One of the reasons why Grisaia no Kajitsu deserves to be in your top list is how the creator represents each character with a traumatic background. This psychological anime portrays eerie and unsettling storylines, making it more noteworthy to watch.

Monster. A series will become more disturbing if it gets closer to reality一this is the reason why you should watch the Monster series. It depicts the real nature and psyche of humanity. It also reveals the most unknown yet undeniable truth about us and our planet, based on the ideals and dark truths of our society and ourselves.

Final Word

These anime characters suffer from a split personality disorder. This could be due to magic, emotional trauma, or even a mental illness that makes a person switch to a different personality in order to disconnect from their current environment.

You might be put off by Reiner’s behavior in Attack on Titans, or you might even feel irritated every time Yogi appears in the Karneval, but you might also want to think about their backgrounds and how they deal with it. Their stories behind them say a lot about their present behavior. 

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