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Yor's Appeal in 'SPY×FAMILY' is Her Innocence

In Season 2 of the TV anime, ‘SPY×FAMILY’, the ‘Luxury Cruise Line’ edition is currently underway. This story arc features Yor at its center, unfolding the poignant inner conflicts of this character, who is an integral member of the Forger family and is also a hitman. Saori Hayami, the voice actor for Yor, discusses her impressions on the episodes of the ‘Luxury Cruise Ship’ edition in an interview.

Narrating the anime’s plot, Hayami shares how the world of ‘SPY×FAMILY’ unfolds around the talented spy who goes by the name of Twilight, or Lloyd Forger, who works diligently towards building a better world. A peculiar mission is assigned to him one day – he is expected to form a family and infiltrate a social gathering associated with a prestigious school. Assuming the pseudonym of Lloyd, a psychiatrist, he embarks on the mission of building this family – an unusual household formed with harboring personal motives and hidden identities.

It becomes a spy action comedy where each member of this ‘temporary family’ tackles the mission in their own unique way. The star of the ‘Luxury Cruise Line’ edition is Yor, who, in addition to managing household duties for the Forger family, is also tasked with escorting a mafia member on a luxury cruise liner.

Hayami remarks on Yor’s attractiveness, citing her innocence despite delving into clandestine activities, portraying a character who addresses everything with a straightforward and honest approach.

Hayami reveals the major challenge she faced in distinguishing Yor’s switch between her duty as a hitwoman and her usual persona. She aspires to carefully portray this vital characteristic of Yor’s, as that’s what makes her appealing.

She also shares her experiences about specific scenes from the show and her special narrations. In narrating her experiences, Saori Hayami offers glimpses of the struggles and the passion that breathed life into Yor’s character.

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