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My Profile

How do I add anime to my profile?

Use the search box at the top of the website or browse through the anime tags to find your favorite shows, and add them from that page while you are logged in. You will be able to rate anime that you have completed.

How do I upload photos?

Click through to your profile and click the Upload Photo link to add photos to your personal profile.

Account Help

I can’t access my account.

On the login page click Lost Password. You can then recover your username or password. Recovering your account is only possible through these methods, for your security our staff is in no way able to help you recover your account outside of these tools.

How do I change my billing/payment methods?

Login to your account and go to your account/user page. From there you can click Payment Methods and modify your saved payment methods or subscriptions.

How often will I be re-billed if I subscribe?

Subscribers can choose their billing type, currently between a monthly and a trimonthly offering. You will be billed until you cancel, which you can easily do on your paymentmethods page or by contacting support.

How many shows can I watch?

You are not limited to watching a certain number of hours or shows. Any shows that we have available will always be available to you if you have an active subscription. Show availability is based on our contracts with license providers and rightsholders.

Legal Requests

DMCA requests.

We greatly respect the holders of copyrighted materials. Our staff only intend to use materials with the permission of rightsholders (such as streaming a video through an approved, paid video service) or for editorial purposes such as commenting on or reviewing material. Nearly all of the content posted on our site is posted by users and third-parties and we are not able to monitor this content and in no way promise to. If it is necessary, send properly formatted DMCA takedown notices through our contact form.

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