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Top 5 Animes That Will Always Be Binge Worthy

Over the past few years up to this point, millions of viewers hastily looked for new ways to entertain themselves. It’s a known fact that millions of people found themselves stuck at home during quarantine, and the situation forced them to find something new and immersive that could help distract them from the stresses that the pandemic brought. Interestingly enough, anime was one of the industries that gained notoriety throughout 2020 and a good chunk of 2021. That notority still grows.

It’s no secret that anime already had a large following prior to 2020 and the pandemic. However, its popularity exploded over the past coupld of years, and anime viewership on Netflix went up more than 100% in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, around 100 million households watched at least a single anime title on the streaming platform between October 2019 and September 2020.

Becoming interested in anime is certainly akin to delving into a goldmine of entertaining content. The genres available range from coming-of-age dramas, psychological thrillers, and even throwback classics. Of course, there are new anime titles that have the potential to be standouts as well as enjoyable, binge-worthy content. You could say that there is a ton of anime that you can potentially sink your teeth into, and luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the anime titles that you should look into and add to your watch list.

  1. Attack On Titan (2013-Present)

Attack on Titan is unquestionably one of the most followed anime series today. The story revolves around a community of humans that are living peacefully inside a massive 50-meter wall that protects them from various humanoid, man-eating giants, which are called “titans.” However, that peace is thrown out the window when one large titan appears out of nowhere and breaches the wall. Subsequently, that same titan opens the door for monstrous creatures to flock into civilization.

After witnessing the untimely demise of his mother, Eren Yeager decides to join the Scout Regiment. The Scout Regiment is the military branch tasked with battling the titans. Moreover, every single arc in Attack on Titan progresses at full throttle. You could say that there’s hardly a moment to catch your breath. The story holds on to the will to survive, as well as to live freely. 

Another notable character in the series also includes “Captain Levi Ackerman.” He’s the ace of the Scout Regiment, and he’s known for his calm demeanor. You could make the case that he’s easily one of modern anime’s most iconic stan-worthy characters.

  1. Food Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma 

It certainly does not take long for one to realize that Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma has a strange sexual spin to it. In this anime series, the characters develop a sudden erotic response after eating a particular dish. These responses often include bursting free from their clothes for no particular reason. However, anyone that’s looking for a binge-worthy anime shouldn’t let the foodgasms distract them from the fact that it’s a delightful coming-of-age story.

The series showcases some of the most stunning cooking animation and food imagery in anime history. The story revolves around Soma Yukihira, an incredibly talented cook who dreams of someday running his father’s diner. He goes to a culinary academy where other students like him constantly face expulsion for any form of mediocrity. Luckily, Soma, the main character, is unfazed and sets out to become the top student in the school.

It’s also worth noting that most characters in Shokugeki no Soma have their own unique cooking identity. It varies from specialties normally found in cultural cuisine, and the dynamic adds an immense and entertaining aspect to a thoroughly enjoyable show.

  1. Beastars

As we said, modern anime titles are also incredibly entertaining and enjoyable. One good example of an excellent modern anime series is Beastars. The series revolves around anthropomorphic animals living in a world where harmony and peace exist on the surface. However, underneath the surface, there’s a tension that’s starting to boil between carnivores and herbivores.

In this anime title, every character has a unique stereotype that’s associated with their species. The story involves Legoshi, the main character, a towering wolf with a quiet personality. Because of his this, Legoshi is perceived with fear, and he is alleged in the murder of an alpaca student in the drama club. 

Eventually, Legoshi meets a dwarf rabbit named Haru, and he develops romantic feelings for her. In the process, Legoshi suppresses his predatory instincts, which creates a dilemma for him. At its core, the series Beastars aims to draw a good and tender portrait of seeking to define one’s identity on one’s own terms.

  1. One Punch Man

One Punch Man is easily one of the most popular modern anime titles, and its main character, “Saitama,” is one of the most recognizable anime characters today. Saitama is a character who’s gone through incredibly rigorous training to become the hero he is now. Interestingly, he’s best known for his overwhelming power, and he can defeat any opponent using only a single punch. 

Sure, this scenario may sound incredibly ideal and convenient, but it takes on an interesting twist when it comes to One Punch Man‘s plot. Saitama has long lost the pleasure and thrill in fighting due to his effortless and instantaneous victories. He’s longing to battle strong and worthy opponents who have the potential to get his heart pumping once again.

Besides his overwhelming power, Saitama is also famous for his heroic deeds. Without a doubt, One Punch Man has an interesting approach to the superhero genre. Despite the lack of a worthy opponent, the story progresses through Saitama’s eagerness to find purpose as a hero. 

It’s undoubtedly enjoyable, and Saitama’s oddly blank face is easily one of the most iconic modern anime characters that you’d see today.

  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Like modern anime titles, classic anime series is also incredibly enjoyable, and Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most binge-worthy classic anime series you can find. It aired between 1995 and 1996, and you could say that the plot was able to withstand the test of time. The story revolves around humanity facing the brink of extinction as monstrous creatures called “Angels” continue to wreak havoc on civilization.

Only weapons called “Evangelions” have the fighting chance against these creatures. These robots directly sync to a human pilot’s nervous system, which has been used in many movies and animes since. Shinji Ikari, the main character, attends to the call of his father to pilot an Evangelion. Subsequently, by accepting his father’s request, Shinji takes on the weight of protecting humanity from total devastation from the Angels. 

It’s worth noting that the series is able to address emotional pain and psychological trauma. In Neon Genesis Evangelion, characters of all ages respond to various tragedies from the past and face a potentially bleak future. In addition, the series also showcases the impact of war on the people who are on the front lines.


If you’re looking for new and exciting anime titles, then these five anime series should be perfect for you. I think it’s fair to say that these animes offer an intriguing plot that will keep you distracted from the stresses of daily life. Without a doubt, these titles are incredibly binge-worthy. They’ll be enough to satisfy your craving for entertainment during these timultuous times and leave you hungry for more. 


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