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New ‘Spice and Wolf’ Anime Project in the Works

Light novel author and illustrator Isuna Hasekura and Jyuu Ayakura announce ‘Spice and Wolf’ to have a new anime project on the way during the series’ 15th Anniversary Celebration on Twitter. Huge anime fans of the classic series aired back in 2008-2009 are ecstatic to hear about the news, as the supernatural, adventure-filled romance anime makes a comeback. 

Moreover, a teaser visual trailer was released on Youtube to give the fans a little sneak peek at the new project. Hasekura and Ayakura claim that the project is a “completely new” anime series. No other announcement has been released so far regarding writing, so fans of the classic supernatural-fantasy remain curious whether this “brand new” anime is a third season of the show or a remake.

It’s Time to Put ‘Spice and Wolf’ In Your “To-Watch” List

Spice and Wolf’ takes its viewers on a journey of the tale of Kraft Lawrence, a young merchant who travels alone only with his cart and horse. One night, he meets the cunning yet charming wolf goddess, Holo the Wise Wolf. Lawrence is further intrigued as to how Holo made her way into the cart. The pair came to a mutual agreement, with Holo helping Lawrence in his sales by using her divine powers and Lawrence taking her along on his travels.

The light novel documents every trip the pair embarked on together, along with the perspective of what it’s like to travel with a mythical being. Additionally, as the bargain continues, romance gradually blossoms between the pair as they go through the highs and lows of their journey.  

The anime adaptation released back in 2008 had two seasons which ended in 2009. Fans are left wondering if there will ever be a third season coming up, and while no announcement has been released back then, the manga version and light novels have been translated to English for accessibility.

Where Does ‘Spice and Wolf’ Manga Pick Off After the Show Ends?

The last episode of ‘Spice and Wolf’ Season Two ends precisely at the light novel’s volume four, while volume seven for the manga. However, fans say that the finale was satisfying enough as it did not feel rushed and wished that the show could continue.

Back then, fans would agonizingly wait for new chapters of the manga to be released and translated to English—this goes the same for the light novels, although completed earlier than the manga. Now, old and new anime fans can continue reading the manga and novel to where it left off with no problem, thanks to Yen Press for publishing the complete series in English.

All the more, interested otakus who are curious about the anime can stream the series on Funimation, available on both Japanese sub and English dub. Moreover, veteran fans would also recommend reading the light novels from start to finish as they are more detailed with the events and developments shared between Holo and Lawrence.

Remake or a Third Season?

Fans were initially disappointed way back in 2011 about the status of the anime. In an interview by writer Darren Kwok, Isuna Hasekura broke the hearts of many fans. The author of the beloved anime laid to rest any speculation about a third season release. Many were disappointed on how a wonderful anime did not get a 3rd season. 

Fast forward to 2022, fans and newcomers to the anime series have built up interest. In what initially was a dead end, author Isuna Hasekura has made a complete turnaround.  The author gave fans a simple, short yet heartwarming update about Spice and Wolf. The message says:

“Fifteen years have passed since the journey of Holo and Lawrence Began. We are delighted to be able to share their journey with you again.”

The manga’s illustrator, Jyuu Ayakura, had a more exciting message to the fans of the beloved anime series. It writes:

“We are very, very happy to see Holo, Lawrence, and the others again in the form of an animation! I’m really looking forward to seeing what the anime will be like!”

After the announcement for the brand new anime was released, there has still been no other news whether the anime is coming for the third season, a remake, or an entirely different storyline.  However, it’s no surprise if the new  ‘Spice and Wolf’ anime project were to take the direction of a remake with new characters involved. 

Update: As of this writing, several credible sources have confirmed that the upcoming anime is a new project. It’s already in the works and fans are excited to hear such positive news. A teaser or visual has also been released for the project to celebrate the 15th year anniversary of the anime. 

Similar Anime You Can Watch

Are you in the mood to experience a magical, adventurous, and romantic feeling, same as how Holo and Lawrence did? There are other anime series fans could watch similar to the genre.

Log Horizon’s story begins with a virtual reality game called Elder Tale, where one day, lots of players who play it suddenly get transported into the game. Sounds familiar? The plot sounds like Sword Art Online, but only better. If you’re up for some fantasy, magical adventure genre, then Log Horizon is in it for you.

Another anime for the hopeless romantics is Kamisama Kiss. Not only does it bring back the “kitsune” spirit element in one of its main characters, but also a story rich in adventure and love. The anime revolves around Nanami and wolf spirit Tomoe. They meet after saving a man from a dog attack. As the show moves forward, the unlikely pair share an odd relationship that blossoms into love.

Other Media

If you want to enjoy Spice and Wolf in a new way, you can try out the video games based on the anime. A dating and business sim was developed by ASCII Media for the Nintendo DS. The game’s title is Spice and Wolf: Holo’s and My One Year. It was released in Japan on June 26, 2008.

The game is officially a spin-off from the anime series and takes place in a new world with the same characters. The difference is that the player controls a new character that’s loosely based on the original protagonist of the series, Kraft Lawrence. Gameplay involves traveling around towns and villages. The player needs to buy and sell goods while gathering information about Holo’s hometown. 

Since it’s a dating sim, the player can interact with Holo and improve their relationship with her. Holo can get the player involved through random conversations. This featured mechanic in the game is a crucial element for the player to clear a hidden location in the game. 

As the game received positive reviews, a sequel was released in Japan on September 17, 2009. Aptly titled Spice and Wolf: The Wind that Spans the Sea. In this game, the player will control Kraft Lawrence. Since the game did not see an international release, a fan-translated, English version of the game is currently in the works.


The classic anime ‘Spice and Wolf’ recently received a surprise announcement from its light novel author and illustrator of a greenlighted new anime project after a decade later. While an update has been given on a totally new anime project, fans can continue to read the completed light novels and manga. The wait is worth it as a new anime will surely make fans and newcomers alike fall in love with this light-hearted anime series.

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