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One Punch Man [TV]

one punch man
One Punch Man
Plot Summary

In a world where having superpowers is the norm, heroes fight day and night against the villains who terrorize the populace in order to keep peace and order in the society.

The story follows a seemingly bland but extremely powerful individual named Saitama, who initially fights as a hero for fun. Due to his immeasurable power that allows him to defeat his foes with just a single punch, he eventually loses the excitement he once felt in the heat of battle. After meeting a cyborg named Genos who he soon accepted as a disciple, Saitama officially joins the Hero Association with hopes of finding a worthy opponent, and maybe for a little bit of popularity that the other heroes enjoy.

About the Show One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man is an anime adaptation of an action-comedy manga series under the same name, illustrated by Yusuke Murata. Originally published as a web comic series created by ONE, it quickly gained popularity and earned 7.9 million hits just 3 years after its first release. Produced by studio Madhouse, the anime series aired a total of 12 episodes (plus 7 OVAs) from October 4, 2015 until December 20, 2015 for its first season.

One-Punch Man Characters

You might think how impossible a series about a superhero who one-punches everyone can entertain you, but you’ll find One-Punch Man as a funny show to watch once you give it a try. It has a set of characters and story that effectively blends comedy and action, making every episode worth a watch. The following are short introductions to some of the series’ main characters starting with the protagonist himself:

Once an ordinary man, Saitama trained rigorously to obtain his god-like abilities, and losing his hair in the process. Despite his effectiveness in fighting crime, he is largely unnoticed by the masses, which might be a cause of his blandness and lack of flair in battle. He does not care much about most things, except for money-saving related events like bargains.
Although not accepted by most, he is the strongest hero in existence. Saitama’s powers were gained through intense physical training, and thus are simply just upgrades of the human body’s capabilities. He defeats terrifying monsters with a single clumsy punch, and is near invulnerable to all types of damage.

Genos is a cyborg who decides to train under Saitama after witnessing his ridiculous capabilities. Opposite to Saitama’s attitude, Genos is serious and intense, always working his way to becoming a stronger and better hero in order to avenge the death of his family. Being one of the few that respects and knows Saitama’s true strength, Genos often aggressively defends Saitama whenever he is underestimated or insulted.
In addition to his mechanically improved physical capabilities, Genos possesses an array of technological weapon enhancements. He can effortlessly keep track of his surroundings using various sensors, and is capable of releasing enormous heat-based blasts.

Despite being 28 years old, Tornado looks incredibly younger, often being mistaken by others as a child. She is arrogant and childish most of the time, especially when she is ignored. Although having a rude attitude, Tatsumaki always does her duty as a member of the Hero Association, and is currently top 2 in Class S.
Being the official second most powerful hero of the Hero Association, Tatsumaki is capable of causing mass destruction. Her main weapon is her psychic abilities, enabling her to float in mid-air, deflect multiple projectiles at once, and even bringing a meteor down out of orbit. She can easily defeat powerful beings without help from other heroes.

Silver Fang
Next to Tatsumaki in terms of rank is Silver Fang. He does not possess extraordinary abilities, but is highly trained in martial arts, and is one of the few who recognizes Saitama’s powers. He owns a dojo in City Z left with only 1 disciple, after losing all his students to an attack by Garou.
Despite his old age, Silver Fang is very muscular and extremely powerful. Being a martial arts master, he specializes in hand-to-hand combat. His abilities are mainly improved human feats, much similar to Saitama but on a lower level.

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is a ninja villain who declared himself Saitama’s rival after a bitter lose. He appears to be calm and persistent, but his sinister nature is revealed whenever he smiles.
Being a ninja, Sonic’s extreme agility causes his movements to be invisible to the average person. He also has various weapons, which he uses effectively with the help of his mastery in ninjutsu.

OPM Episode Summaries

Episode 1: The Strongest Man
Saitama and his ridiculous power and dilemma is introduced. He fights Vaccine Man and Marugori in this episode.

Episode 2: The Lone Cyborg
Genos appears for the first time, and is fighting Mosquito Girl. After witnessing Saitama defeat the monster with one punch, he begins to pester Saitama to take him as an apprentice.

Episode 3: The Obsessive Scientist
Saitama and Genos fight against Dr. Genus and Carnage Kabuto. Saitama claims that he acquired his abilities through intense training, which turns out to be just mundane training, causing no one to believe him.

Episode 4: The Modern Ninja
Speed-o’-Sound Sonic is introduced and is tasked to stop the Paradisers, bald mediocre bandits that are causing trouble. Sonic attacks Saitama thinking that he is a member of the Paradisers due to his bald head, but ends up being hit in the crotch. Sonic vows to return and fight Saitama in the near future. Saitama accepts Genos as an apprentice after offering payment for his rent, and both decide to officially join the Hero Association.

Episode 5: The Ultimate Master
Saitama and Genos take the physical and written test for the Hero Association. Saitama destroys every record and most of the equipment for the physical exam, but miserably fails in the written exam and ends up being accepted as a C-class hero. Genos aces both physical and written exam and is accepted as an S-class hero. Later that day, Genos challenges Saitama to a sparring as he had received new upgrades, and ends up losing after Saitama got serious for a split second.

Episode 6: The Terrifying City
Saitama panics and scrambles around the city trying to find a villain, as he will be removed from the official registry if he fails to do so. To make matters worse, Sonic reappears to fight Saitama, who is still frantically looking for a villain to catch. Annoyed by receiving no attention from Saitama, Sonic decides to attack the city, and ends up being beaten by Saitama again. Later in the episode, Tatsumaki and the Hero Association’s operations are introduced.

Episode 7: The Ultimate Disciple
Bang is introduced after S-class heroes are asked to stop a giant meteor en route to Earth. After the S-class heroes’ hopeless attempt to stop the giant meteor, Saitama shows up and destroys it with a single punch, earning Bang’s respect and admiration.

Episode 8: The Deep Sea King
The monster Deep Sea King emerges and fights several heroes and defeats them, and proceeds to hold a crowd of people as hostage.

Episode 9: Unyielding Justice
Genos engages the Deep Sea King, but loses after getting his arm maimed. Right before the Deep Sea King could kill Genos, Mumen Rider arrives, only to lose even after a hyped speech. Saitama finally arrives after given confirmation by the Hero Association to provide back-up, and defeats the Deep Sea King with a single punch that also clears the rainy weather. Saitama then receives a promotion later in the episode, making him a B-class hero.

Episode 10: Unparalleled Peril
A giant monster appears and is defeated by Tatsumaki. The Hero Association calls an emergency meeting which Saitama attends, and meets several other heroes. A giant alien spaceship then arrives on Earth, and engages the heroes in a fight. While the other heroes are busy trying to fend off the aliens and discussing on ways to destroy the spaceship, Saitama had already infiltrated and started his way to the main villain.

Episode 11: The Dominator of the Universe
The fight against the alien intruders on the ground continues. Meanwhile, Saitama meets Boros, a cosmic conqueror searching for a worthy opponent. Saitama empathizes with Boros, as he faces the same dilemma, but proceeds to punch Boros and destroys the supposedly indestructible armor. Boros then reveals his full power.

Episode 12: The Strongest Hero
Saitama vs Boros begins. Their fight is so intense that it ends up involving the moon. Saitama emerges as a winner after revealing a special move, and the other heroes proceed to wipe out the remaining aliens on the ground. The Hero Association’s building is destroyed in the event, and is later rebuilt and upgraded.

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