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Love, Death & Robots' Volume 3 Almost Here

With the latest news surrounding Love, Death, and Robots Vol.3, fans are excited for another wonderful season. Vol.3 will have big shoes to fill, though, as fans were left fiery hot from the first season while being lukewarm for the second. So will the 3rd season be as big as the 1st? Or will it be another forgettable season like the second? Before we find out, let’s humor those new to Love, Death, and Robots as to why this series was such a big hit.

Vol. 1 and Its Impact

It was 2019 when animation fans were treated to an absolute treat on Netflix. On that fateful day, Love, Death, and Robots was released. To the surprise of many, the animation anthology was a big hit. 

Although it was “experimental,” according to its producers, Love, Death, and Robots had fans wanting more. With episodes such as Sonnie’s Edge, Three Robots, Ice Age, Secret War, and so much more, it was reasonable for the production team to hear the clamor surrounding the anthology.

Potential Spin-offs

Fans were even wondering if some of the standalone episodes would receive a spin-off series of their own. The first season had episodes that had so much material to set up their universes. For example, episodes such as Sonnie’s Edge had a Pokemon-for-the-big-kids feel that many people wanted to see more of. More Love, More Death, and More Robots were definitely in a lot of the episodes.

Fast forward to 2022, there’s still no word if any of the original episodes will get their own series. Although the future of those episodes becoming a full-blown series is getting bleak, one could just imagine the success those episodes would’ve had if they became a series. Fans shouldn’t close their doors, though; in the world of animation, a reboot of a series isn’t far-fetched even after many years have passed. 

Vol. 2 and Its Unexpected Episode Count

Initially an 18-episode season, the crew behind Love, Death, and Robots caved in and introduced a 2nd season. The second season, Love, Death, and Robots Vol. 2, was released on May 14, 2021. Some fans were in for a disappointing surprise as it was announced that the second season only had eight episodes compared to the first season, which had 18. 

Stunning Imagery

Out of the eight episodes from season 2, only three stood out as the best. Don’t get it wrong, every episode from Vol.2 was a blast in terms of animation style and storytelling. 

Snow in the Desert, for example, is a story about a nomad who’s searching for something on a desolate planet. Although desert worlds are bleak, this episode’s imagery was absolutely stunning. In addition, the animation behind many of the episodes certainly brought us the limits of what technology could do. 

Disappointing, but Darker

The reason for the lower episode count was to “weed out” the aesthetics and focus more on storytelling. Production seemed to have hit its goal but in a darker, more sinister way. The three standout episodes, for example, had a darker theme compared to some of the humorous episodes from the first season. Those who haven’t watched the second season need not be afraid, as we won’t give away too many spoilers. 

Going back to dark themes, Pop Squad is an episode about a new world where almost everyone is happy, albeit missing something significant. Next, the Tall Grass is a Lovecraftian-themed story about a train stop gone wrong. Finally, All Through the House is a stop-motion-inspired episode about Christmas with a bizarre twist.

Although the number of episodes was disappointing for some, Love, Death, and Robots Vol. 2 was just enough to hit the spot. In this case, more wasn’t definitely better. Did it hurt expectations? For some, yes. Did the second season leave us wanting more? Absolutely.

Vol. 3 and Its Surprising Announcement

Since the wait between Vol. 1 and Vol.2 was a bit long, many fans weren’t expecting that Vol.3 would come out after a year. Last April 19, 2022, Netflix’s official Youtube Channel released an official, minute-long teaser for the third season. Although the teaser was made up of snippets from both previous seasons, it released a vital detail that die-hard fans were eager to know: The release date.

According to the teaser, Love, Death, and Robots Vol.3 is coming out May 20, 2022. Aside from the release date, nothing else was given out. Further news, however, has the season at eight episodes, while the Wiki page says nine. Whatever the episode count, fans of previous seasons have a big reason to be happy. 

Of the 8 or 9 episodes, three of those are continuations from season 1. Yes, you heard it right; we’re actually going to have a follow-up from three fantastic episodes from the acclaimed first season! With that said, what episodes are fans going to see again? For now, the trailer only shows “Three Robots.” 

Three Robots and Other Possible Continuations

Three Robots is the second episode from season 1 about three robots roaming a post-apocalyptic world. The three embark on a pleasant walk, roaming the streets and finding out what caused the demise of their creators. From bouncing basketballs and discussing how digestion works, the trio encounters a cat and eventually find themselves in a hairy situation.

Three Robots was one of the most highly-touted episodes from season 1. It’s no surprise that Netflix and Blow Studio are continuing this dark, warmhearted adventure. Blow Studios also had another episode from season 1 titled “When the yogurt took over.” 

The episode was about a bowl of yogurt becoming sentient and teaching the government about solving the national debt. Although the episode was also good, we won’t likely see a continuation as it was intended to be just a short.

What Episode Might Get a Continuation in Vol.3?

Again, there are just so many episodes from Vol. 1 and 2 with enough material that Netflix can use. Here are some of those possible episodes:

Sonnie’s Edge – This episode has a lot of potential to be a standalone series. Although the concept of monsters battling each other is simple enough, it’s the deep backstory of Sonnie that will catch the attention of audiences. Coupled with gory fun and adult themes, Sonnie’s Edge is the perfect dark horse that we might just see in Vol. 3.

The Secret War – Vol. 1 certainly ended up with a bang with “The Secret War.” Great action scenes and a heavy dose of the occult made watching this 16-minute episode worthwhile. Although the ending satisfied most viewers, there’s certainly enough material for another look at this universe.

Good Hunting – The 8th episode from Vol.1 is Good Hunting. Storytelling and world-building are the strongest points in this Airbender-esque episode. Injustice is evident in Good Hunting’s world, where magic, technology, and superstitions abound. There’s more to Good Hunting, and viewers are more than welcome to a peek at this exciting world.

Pop Squad – As the 3rd episode of Vol. 2, the dystopian world of Pop Squad certainly brings viewers into awe. With an interesting story involving science and ethics, you’d wonder what more this world has to offer. 

Snow in the Desert – One of the best episodes from Vol. 2 and possibly the most awesome-looking one, might be a contender for an appearance on Vol. 3. Aside from the gorgeous characters, Snow in the Desert’s world-building left viewers wanting more.


Love, Death, and Robots Vol.1 certainly left us wanting more. After a few years, Netflix followed up the 18-episode masterpiece with a second season. Although the second season only had eight episodes, fans were more than satisfied. Now that Vol. 3 is coming this May 20, 2022, everyone’s excited.

With 8 or 9 episodes, fans will surely be treated to masterful storytelling and impressive animation. With new episodes on the way, fans are also excited as Three Robots and two more episodes are getting a continuation. It’s only a matter of days as we welcome in the newest installment of Love, Death, and Robots.

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