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Top 10 Anime Villains We Love to Hate

Anime characters are fantastic, aren’t they? They provide us endless hours of entertainment, exceptionally cool visuals, and somehow manage to make us connect with them on an emotional level. With anime characters, you either absolutely adore them or detest them with every neuron in your body. Then there are those characters who are so well-written that you find yourself despising everything they do. It could be due to a variety of factors such as their individuality or behavior. Something about how well they’re written just gets under your skin.

Of course, a thrilling villain always sets the bar high whenever it comes to an excellent anime. The symbolic hero vs. villain scene becomes more exciting with a terrific villain. As an anime fan, you simply cannot have a worthwhile protagonist without a brilliant antagonist. A sensational anime series typically revolves around a hero, a villain, and an unforgettable philosophy.

So, are you a fan of anime series with ruthless villains? In this article, we have compiled a list of the top ten anime villains who took their series to unimaginable heights.

Starting Us Off At #10, Ragyo Kiryuin Of Kill La Kill

Ragyo Kiryuin is one of the most delightfully devilish female anime villains of the last twenty years. This woman, the mother of the strong-willed Satsuki Kiryuin and the cherished Ryuko Kiryuin, has been using both of her children as scientific experiments. After seeing what she assumed must have been an end in failure attempt to replicate her own merge with life fibers in Ryuko, she simply threw away a newborn infant like it was disposable trash.

What’s more, Ragyo is a cold-hearted sociopathic woman whose primary intention is to exterminate the rest of humanity in exchange for some strange alien technology from space. She will go to any length to achieve her scoring opportunity of destroying the world. 

#9, Hisoka Morow of Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka is a humourous antagonist who won the massive favor of the audiences through his unexpected ventures. He is one of the first villains to appear in the series and the toughest among them all. By demonstrating an abundance of non-traditional villain actions, Hisoka successfully established why Hunter X Hunter was unique from other animated series.

What makes Hisoka stands out is that he chooses to wait rather than kill anyone in his way. To put it another way, this Hunter x Hunter villain will wait until his opponent has grown stronger before confronting them, which is a brilliant move. Fighting strong opponents gives him a sense of satisfaction, which is frightening. 

#8, Sosuke Aizen of Bleach

Sosuke Aizen is a famous anime character among anime fanatics for creating infinite chaos. Aizen appears to be a gentle, kind, and well-liked character at first. He was a force to be reckoned with, and he showed no signs of alarm or distress. However, everything was a ruse to conceal his disturbingly manipulative nature. He was the type of silent killer who ate you from the inside out with his camouflaged sinister intentions.

#7, Sukuna of Jujutsu Kaisen

In the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, Sukuna is popular as the King of Curses. Sukuna is a cruel demon with four arms and two faces, according to legend. He appeared 1000 years ago, during the sorcerer’s golden age. In Jujutsu Kaisen, Sukuna is a purely despicable villain who makes the other characters and even the audiences shiver in fear by just watching him.

When Itadori tried to persuade Sukuna to turn him back into a human, he rejected and ridiculed him. He is boastful about his strengths and is a master manipulator. Despite having only a tiny portion of his power, he can still defeat special-grade curses.

#6, Makishima Shogo of Psycho-Pass

In Psycho-Pass, Makishima Shogo embodies every negative side of human nature. Makishima made his first appearance in the first episode, fighting Kogami. Once he commits an offense, his Psycho-Pass will not be tainted. As a result, he can easily get away with doing horrible things without being apprehended by the cops. Makishima, as an antagonist, opposes all of the world’s principles and ideologies. He is not only intelligent and collected but also vicious in all of his actions. Moreover, he enjoys donning masks like a real actor all through the series.

#5, Grell Sutcliff of Black Butler

If you want to witness a villain who takes her craziness way too over-the-top, Grell is the perfect fit for that. In Grell’s personal view, human relationships are irrelevant. As a reaper, she is unable to view death or love in the same way that humans do. They detest reluctance in their partners and believe it is an obstacle to achieving one’s objectives. Her fascination with the color red is almost as massive as her obsession with Sebastian Michaelis, the famous demon butler in the series.

#4, Muzan Kibutsuji of Demon Slayer

The Demon King is perhaps the most dominant antagonist in the series, and he showed clearly from the start that he completely lacks any moral conscience or anything of the sort. The way he severely murdered Tanjiro’s family and transformed Nezuko into a demon made an impressive first impression and made Muzan’s true motives crystal clear right off the bat.

Aside from that, Muzan is a skilled manipulator, as he often preys on people at their absolute weakest. He would take advantage of their weakness by giving them what they wanted. Naturally, what they would receive in exchange would never be what they genuinely desired.

#3, Medusa Gorgon of Soul Eater

Medusa is the Gorgon sisters’ middle child, and her goal is to cause significant destruction in the current world to put the planet back on the right track. She aims to produce a world that is never changing or evolving. To accomplish this objective, she has been performing heinous experiments on people, even on her own daughter, Crona. 

Medusa’s acting abilities render her one of the female anime villains that viewers adore and hate at the same time. She kept up the appearance of a compassionate nurse without anyone noticing. In reality, she’s a ruthless manipulator who only cares about a small minority of people, as evidenced by her treatment of Crona.

#2, Light Yagami of Death Note

Death Note is one of the most complex and unique stories in the entire anime history. The plot revolves around criminal reform, justice, and the legal system, with compelling arguments for various opposing points of view. Death Note relies on its viewers to believe in Light’s extreme quest to save the world. However, as the story progresses and Light becomes increasingly crazed, fans begin to turn against him and realize he is nothing more than a mass murderer.

#1, Dio Brando of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

You probably predicted that the infamous villain Dio Brando would appear on this list, and you were correct because Dio is at the #1 spot! The series begins with Dio attempting to destroy his adoptive brother’s life by framing him for crimes and putting his dog in the incinerator.

In his pursuit to achieve his dreams, Dio became devious and violent, at the same time completely ignoring morality. He exploited others to feed his insatiable desire for power and dominance. If you see Dio Brando on your screen, you can bet something terrible is about to happen.


You have reached the end of our list of the top anime villains who do evil right. Villain anime characters may have insane personalities and commit strange and horrifying acts. But we can still love to hate some of these psychotic antagonists for what they do to our main characters that contribute to their development.

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