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The Final Season of Attack on Titan Is Split Into Two Parts, and Fans Don’t Know What To Think About It

Attack on Titan is an anime that many film and anime enthusiasts love and recognize. It has been around since September 9, 2009, and in 2022, we get to watch how the beloved series will end. Yet, many are still wondering how the anime will finish since there still seems to be so much material to cover. The final season, part 1, did not even cover half of what happened in the manga.

This page covers a recap of the crucial events of the final season, part 1, the fans thinking about the last season, and what to expect in the final part. Read on below to know more!

A Recap on Final Season, Part 1

Warrior Candidates’ Backstory

It’s always a wonderful idea to watch and observe the backstory of the warrior candidates in the story. In the final season, part one revealed that Eldians and Marleyans taught and treated Eldians as the enemy, especially the citizens in Paradis Island. Misconceptions and misunderstandings were passed on from generation to generation, which caused a massive hatred to an island that Eldians had never even seen in their lives.

The first few episodes of part 1 showed how the Marleyan military trusted teenagers to conquer and gather intel in Paradis Island in the year 845. Reiner Braun (Armored Titan), Bertolt Hoover (Colossus Titan), Annie Leonhart (Female Titan), and the former Jaw Titan, Marcel Galliard, were part of the Warrior Unit. It also showed the state of life in Marley and how these warrior candidates trained to become worthy of receiving the power of a titan.

Declaration of War

The top officials of Marley decided to announce their plans of attacking Paradis Island and retaking the Founding Titan. After winning the war in Port Slava, Marleyan forces realized that the surrounding countries might be planning another fight against Marley. The military of Marley realized that they might be weakened since they didn’t have the power of the Founding Titan. And the only way to acquire this power is by going to Paradis Island.

Marleyans invited every high official, media, politician, and foreigner to Marley for this event on the day of the declaration. The head of the Tybur family also revealed the true nature of the Titan and other hidden secrets that the family kept from the citizens.

Infiltration of the Survey Corps in Marley

Marleyan citizens weren’t aware that Eren was in Marley all along and listening to their plans. Eren first revealed his presence to Reiner, a traitor that shocked his comrades. 

The survey corps and Eren attacked Marley first, right when Marley announced that they were going to war with Paradis Island.

Sasha’s Death

Sasha Braus is a character that has been in the anime since the start of Eren’s training in the survey corps. Numerous fans loved Sasha’s character as a person who loved food the most and was part of the trio group with Jean Kirstein and Connie Springer.  

Her death was also unexpected to many. While the members of the survey corps of Paradis Island were celebrating their attack on Marley, driven with revenge and hatred, a member from the Warrior committee climbed the ship and killed Sasha. Her death brought grief to many, especially her chef boyfriend from Marley, Niccolo.

Euthanization Plan Revealed

Part 1 showed that Zeke had plans to conquer Paradis Island. However, Zeke had a hidden agenda for the entire Eldians, including the so-called ‘devils’ in Paradis Island.

Zeke gradually revealed how they wanted to euthanize the entire Eldians to save the world of devils. The episodes in part 1 showed that the Founding Titan had the power to change the DNA, structure, and anatomy of a titan. Zeke thought that they could use this ability and change the entire lives of the Eldians.

Zeke plans to make sure that Eldians cannot bear another child again. So that in the future, the euthanization plan will rid the world of Eldians and titans, and the plan will restore peace.

The Spinal Fluid Mixed in Wine

Adding the spinal fluid in the wine was one of the biggest plot twists in the season. The military had no choice but to follow the Yaegerists command to survive, or else they would become another mindless titan. The Yaegerists, loyal followers of Eren (and Zeke), had every military in their command because of this.

Infiltration of the Marleyan Forces

In the announcement of war in Marley, the survey corps who infiltrated Marley thought that this would postpone the war that the Marley military was talking about. However, only a few months later, Marleyan forces entered Paradis Island. With Reiner’s command, the warrior team and numerous airplanes overwhelmed the fighters in Paradis Island.

A Fan’s POV

The final season is separated into two parts due to the many events in the manga. Numerous fans who read the manga were disappointed that part 1 of the last season did not cover half of what happened. Still, many fans are hopeful that the animators can cover the whole span of events in the final season, part 2.

What to Expect in the Final Season, Part 2

Will there be more lives lost?

Of course, what is Attack on Titan if it doesn’t eliminate our favorite characters? As anime fans, we assumed that since they significantly impact the story’s plot, they would not get eliminated in the anime. But Attack on Titan proved fans wrong, especially from the death of the beloved potato-loving girl, Sasha. Be sure to protect your hearts in these upcoming episodes if the animators decide to kill our favorite characters.


The Yaegerists kept mentioning the rumbling. Since this is the last animation of Attack on Titan, will the fans finally see it animated on their screens? And most importantly, will the rumbling happen? At the moment, there are two uploaded episodes for part 2, but will we see it happen?

What happened to Zeke?

The first part of the final season showed that Captain Levi tied a lightning rod to Zeke Yaeger’s body to protect himself and kill Zeke if he ever moved. Indeed, Levi was successful in causing massive damage to Zeke’s body; however, it wasn’t revealed in the first part what happened to Zeke after that. Did Zeke survive the strike of the lightning rod? Will the Yaeger brothers’ plan fail?

More mysteries unlocked

It seems that Attack on Titan has continuously provided its fans with plot twists. Since part 2 is the last reported part of the series, the anime might reveal more mysteries in the following episodes.

Especially from the shared memories of the titans, will there be more shocking revelations in the future? Be sure to watch the episodes immediately to learn more!

Emotional Scenes

Any good anime contains fight scenes, but it also has emotional scenes that can move viewers. Be sure to expect that the anime creators included this in the animation, just like how these scenes moved us in the manga.

Many fans love Shingeki no Kyojin because of the fight scenes. You can surely expect that animators included it in part 2 of the final season. In this season, fans can now watch the final fight scenes of the anime.


2022 is the year that the beloved anime series, Attack on Titan, comes to an end. Be sure to watch the entire series again, starting from season one while waiting for the following episodes of part two of the final season to upload.

Watching the anime again helps make the next episodes more exciting. You can understand the flow of each season much better. Of course, if you can’t wait any longer, you can always read the manga to learn what happens in the final panels.

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