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Why Are People So Hyped For Demon Slayer's Next Season?

I have just finished watching the Demon Slayer movie, and it was terrific. But, it left me asking more questions and wanting more. So, I went ahead and did some googling and found out that I wasn’t the only one hyped for the next season. Although people have different reasons for getting excited about the show, there were similarities in their answers.


So, I’ve gathered all the answers I could find, including my own, and compiled them into this neat list. Their responses to why they’re thrilled for the next season can be grouped into four main points: the animation, the storyline, new characters, and growth or character development. 

Demon Slayer’s Animation

For me and many others, the first time we saw Demon Slayer was when we saw a viral video of a scene in season one. It was when Tanjiro was fighting Rui, the leader of the demon spider family. When our protagonist first used his fire technique and sliced the demon’s head off, I remember being amazed by the animation and how it was so breathtaking.


That specific scene got a lot of us on the hook. And after watching the movie, I’m looking forward to what they’ll do for the next season. In my research, our beloved rag-tag group will go to an Entertainment District, so it’s sure to be bright and colorful. And, it can’t be Demon Slayer without demon-slaying, so there will absolutely be a lot of fight scenes that we all love.


So, let me just take a moment to appreciate the animation studio, Ufotable, for providing us with their beautiful art. They also did a lot of animation work for cutscenes in games and other animes, so it might be a good idea to check those out while waiting for the next season.

Next Story Arc

Speculations of the next Demon Slayer story arc started as early as the announcement for the Mugen Train movie. Since then, avid fans have concluded that the next chunk of the story is the Entertainment District arc. And now that we’re getting closer to its release, the studio has confirmed that prediction. 


If the title meant what I think it meant, then we’re in for a treat. The entertainment district could be the perfect place for any demon to hide. There’ll be many shady people going on about, and a missing person or two isn’t unusual for that area. Additionally, shops and entertainment houses could provide a front for demons, especially those who could blend with humans.


It’s also exciting to think about the interactions between the leading trio, the new environment, and the new characters. Would they fit nicely in an entertainment district? Are they going to respect and idolize the Sound Hashira like they did Rengoku? Is there going to be a demon backstory that’s going to make you cry? Most likely. We can’t answer these right now, and all we can do is wait for the next season and hope it comes sooner.

New Characters in Demon Slayer

With a new season of Demon Slayer, one should expect the introduction of new characters. A few of these characters aren’t exactly new, but they haven’t been highlighted yet in the story. On the other hand, some are entirely new, especially the main baddies for this arc.

Tengen Uzui and his Wives

Tengen Uzui is the Sound Hashira, one of the top-ranking Demon slayers in the corps. Our first interaction with Tengen was in a scene in the first season where all the Hashiras were present. His prominent features are his painted left eye, pink gemstone-covered headband, and his two chain-linked swords. 


His attitude is to do everything flamboyantly, including his work. Although he’s eccentric in his ways, Tengen also appears uncaring and forceful towards others. The only exception to that is his loved ones, particularly his wives. Their names are Suma, Hinatsuru, and Makio. Finally, his most remarkable trait is that he is a ninja.

New Enemies (Spoiler-ish)

If you didn’t read the heading above, I’m going to remind you again that this next part is a bit spoilery. If you’re still here, then you must be hyped enough to read spoilers. For this next arc, the group will encounter another member of the Twelve Demon Moons, particularly the Upper Moon Six. That’s all I’m going to say about the subject, and if you can’t wait for the premiere of the new season, then you can just read the manga.

Character Development

Of course, we can’t forget one of the many reasons why many people love this anime. The protagonists are such lovable characters, and you want to cheer them on. They started a bit rough around the edges, but as the first season progressed, you see them grow their personalities and skills. For the next season, you’d want to see them develop their techniques and powers as well, and I’m here to tell you that season two won’t disappoint.


In the first season, we see Tanjiro use a different element or technique aside from water. That’s why he gravitated towards Rengoku because he thought it was a flame technique and wanted to learn more about it. But, in the movie, Rengoku mentions that he hasn’t heard anything about the style that Tanjiro used before.


Hopefully, we get to see that for season two. There are still many mysteries surrounding Tanjiro’s father’s past, like how he knew that breathing style even though it wasn’t part of the main breathing techniques. Moreover, the demon king, Muzan, always refers to Tanjiro as the kid with the hanafuda earrings. Does it have any significance to the story? With luck, we’ll find that out when season two will air.


Having been asleep most of the time, Nezuko hasn’t fully developed her demonic powers. We first get a glimpse of her raw power when she battled the demon that uses a ball as a weapon. But that’s just her innate demon strength. In the battle against Rui, she displayed a demon blood technique to save Tanjiro’s life.


With time, she could potentially learn to control this demon art or, perhaps, gain new abilities with it. With a bit of prayer, we’ll see Nezuko in more battles so that she could experiment with her newly found skills.

Inosuke and Zenitsu

The group wouldn’t be complete without these two. Since both of them are semi-side characters, we shouldn’t expect much in regards to their character growth. But, if it does happen, then it’s a welcome development.


Zenitsu hasn’t shown any new thunder breathing techniques, and he might not be able to in the foreseeable future since he could only fight when he’s asleep. On the other hand, Inosuke hasn’t shown us all of his Beast breathing forms, so he might get the chance to do those in the upcoming season.

Takeaway: Demon Slayer’s Next Season

Demon Slayer has become one of the most-watched and popular animes in recent years. With its crisp animation, excellent storytelling, and unique characters, it is no wonder that it’s well-received by many people worldwide.


With the release of season two’s trailer, many are pulled back to the story and are excited to watch these characters again. My only wish is that October comes sooner so that we could go back to experiencing the world of Demon Slayer through their eyes.

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