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5 Shows You Should Watch Before They Leave Netflix Starting Next Month

Watching tv shows and films on Netflix has become a part of everyone’s lives in recent years. The consumption of content whenever you want, for a small price, started as a small niche experience for the interested. Gradually, its popularity rose to the point that it became a societal norm and even became a part of internet culture and slang.


Currently, Netflix is known to have a vast collection of content consisting of hundreds of movies and series from different countries. But, maintaining and buying rights to all those shows can prove to be overwhelming and expensive. That is why the company removes titles from its selection when the film’s contract has expired or unrenewed.


So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting to watch on Netflix, consider watching these five shows before they leave the website’s roster.

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange

Expanding one’s horizon in terms of movie genres can help you become a well-rounded person. Additionally, watching movies that are a bit obscure and cult classics may look daunting, which is enough for anyone to avoid them altogether. But, with that mindset, you wouldn’t be able to start watching them, and you’d end up missing a whole genre of fantastic films in the process.


A solution to that problem is to pick the right movie. If you choose any movie willy-nilly, you might get a film that would turn you off from the whole genre, and it would defeat the purpose of reeling you in. Luckily, one such feature film is still available on Netflix right now.


A Clockwork Orange is a film made in 1971 that stars the British actor Malcolm McDowell and is an adaptation of the book by Anthony Burgess. It’s a film that explores freedom of choice and its consequences and the lengths a government would go through to maintain order in society. If this movie piqued your interest, then you should consider watching this film before it gets removed from Netflix.



In a world where horror parodies and comedies have become saturated, it is hard to find a flick that isn’t corny and cheesy.  But, in that haystack of poorly made horror/comedy films, some needles will prick you and stick on your skin even after the movie, and those are the good ones. They may seem hard to find, but you will treasure them and treat them preciously if you look hard enough.


One such film was Zombieland, made in 2009. Even though the zombie trope has been done thousands of times, this movie proved that it could differentiate itself from the others. It mixed various themes like romance, family, hope, trauma, and comedy and put them in a horrific setting where zombies run amuck, and order is needed to survive the form of rules and tactics.


Zombieland also stars huge name actors like Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and even a secret guest cameo that I won’t spoil for you. The movie is approaching the end of its Netflix run, so if you haven’t seen it yet or want to rewatch it again, now is the time to do so.



There is something incredibly satisfying when you watch crime and mystery shows, especially when the show reveals a secret twist. The protagonist’s hard work and frustrations about the problem culminate in an exciting scene where he catches the killer or solves the crime and saves the day. But what if that same protagonist also has something to hide?


That is the basic premise of Hinterland. It follows Tom Mathias, an intelligent and disturbed investigator, who left his old London life and moved to a town in the outskirts of Wales. What he doesn’t know is that the seemingly quaint town he is in has secrets as dreadful as his past. His story of mystery, acceptance, and redemption is a classic twist on a hero’s journey that is proven time and time again to be loved by people.


Fortunately, the show only has three seasons and twenty-six episodes total, so you have some time to binge-watch it before it gets released by Netflix next month.

The Patriot

The Patriot

Wartime movies may seem uninteresting at first glance, but that is not the case. Most films in this genre have a story with the ensuing war as its backdrop. It highlights the thought that every person has a separate story and experience aside from what’s happening in their surroundings. 


An excellent example of that is the movie, The Patriot. America was in the midst of the Revolutionary War when a former military man turned pacifistic farmer’s son enlists to join the army and then gets taken prisoner by the enemy. During the commotion, one of his sons gets shot and dies. Now, the farmer and his family have no choice but to give up their peaceful ways and do everything in their power to avenge their fallen one and defeat the British forces. 


The movie might have happened in the past, but you don’t have to leave it there. If you have nothing better to do, you might as well enjoy this film before your favorite streaming website kicks it to the curb in August.



The stories in the LGBTQ+ community are narratives that every film or TV show should explore. Their experiences in life are full of hurt that they harnessed to make themselves stronger and hopeful for a better future. And, in our world today, these kinds of movies serve as an inspiration not only to the LGBTQ+ people but also for everyone else that has had to live through similar circumstances.


Enter the movie, Pariah. It’s the fully fleshed-out story of an award-winning short film by writer and director Dee Rees. It revolves around Alike, an African-American teenager who is slowly discovering and embracing her individuality as a lesbian and its repercussions on her family, love life, and herself.


The film has won awards in the Sundance Film Festival and the African-American Film Critics Association, to name a few. You still have a few weeks left before August, so watch it before then.

Bonus Movie: Mad Max

Mad Max

This last one is a freebie, and you might enjoy watching it. The original Mad Max was released in 1979 and starred a young Mel Gibson. The story takes place in a world where oil is no longer available, and anarchy runs rampant. Max, a cop in this world’s version of Australia, finds himself targeted by a gang leader that ends up killing his family. Fueled by sadness and anger, he seeks revenge for his lost loved ones by hunting the gang and planning to kill their leader.


It’s good to know where it all started, especially if you’re a fan of the latest Mad Max movie. Additionally, you’ll see the evolution of the whole franchise’s story and how Max turned from being a law-abiding cop to an almost crazy and animalistic person. Moreover, it also shows his difficult road to returning to his original human self.


If you know that something has an end, you’ll cherish it more when you still have it. Similarly, you won’t have another chance to watch these films again on Netflix after they get removed from their line-up.


So while they’re still available, take some time during your off-days to watch these shows. You can pop some popcorn and chill with your family and friends while you watch these fantastic films and series on your go-to streaming site, Netflix.

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