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Why Naruto is Still The Best Anime of All Time

Japanese animation has exploded in popularity over the past decade, with major streaming sites Netflix and Amazon picking up major anime titles and even producing their own.


Anime is one of the most famous entertainment exports from Japan. Its popularity has earned avid fans across the globe. Besides that, as years went by, many newer studios have been popping up to produce high-quality and exciting anime. One of the best masterpieces of anime Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto wrote and illustrated Naruto and it is one of the most famous manga series in the world.


It’s an exciting story of a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki. He is a young boy who dreams of being a Hokage, a great leader of the village. If you’re an avid fan of this anime, you may know that there are seven Hokage in the village’s history. Besides that, the entire story of Naruto has two parts: before and during the teenage life of the main character.


This show is LONG, and for good reason. The two parts (younger years and later years) are complex and so different. Hence, if you want to know why Naruto is still the best anime of all time, check the complete details below.

Exciting Plot and Twists

The inspiring and thrilling plot is the big reason that makes Naruto the best anime series of all time. As mentioned earlier, it revolves around the life of Naruto as the main character. He is a boy living in the Hidden Leaf Village. While growing up, he has witnessed pain, but he has taken all chances to prove himself and reach his dreams. Along his journey, Sasuke Uchiha is always there for him as his friend, who also seeks revenge for his family’s death.


As the story continues to develop, Sasuke left the village for his benefit. However, Naruto promised himself and his fellow residents to find Sasuke and bring him back. During his long search, he discovered that Akatsuki was also looking for him because of the evil spirits in him. It was his turning point of leaving to become strong. 


When kidnapping one of the main village’s strong leaders happened, Naruto Shippuden appeared to take one of the spirits. He then became resentful and felt betrayed for what happened. As the story goes on, Sasuke found out that his brother remained loyal to their village. He even discovered that he became a spy after killing him.


That’s why the said incident made him decide to take revenge for his brother’s death. He also made a plan to destroy the village of his own. Besides that, Naruto was also facing a different battle, especially when he found out that the Akatsuki leader killed Jiraiya. It was his master and leader he has always looked up to for many years. 


One exciting twist of the story is when the Fourth Great Ninja War occurred. It’s when Madara Uchiha, a ninja behind the Akatsuki’s attack on the leaf village, challenged the countries’ leaders into war. With that, Sasuke decided to support Naruto to win the war as part of his revenge for his brother’s death. With their combined strong forces to win the battle, they successfully defeated Kaguya, who also killed Madara. 


Hence, the series of events is a big reason why many people love watching the show until it ends. The exciting twists and the exciting storyline make avid fans of all ages get hooked. That’s why, up until today, you may still find many people keep on watching Naruto again and again. It’s not only in Japan but all anime lovers across the globe.

Compelling Character Development

Besides the exciting plot, having compelling characters is another reason that makes it the best anime of all time. If you’re also an avid fan of this popular anime series, you may have encountered different exciting characters. It includes villains, ninjas, and other compelling characters, besides Naruto Uzumaki. These have significantly contributed a lot to the development of the entire story.


With that, you may know about Rock Lee, a character endowed with strength, motivation, and determination. Might Guy, his teacher, has inspired him to be a great ninja someday. However, many Naruto fans hate or love Rock Lee for various reasons. It includes the overly optimistic aura that makes him look ostentatious to other ninjas. 


However, he proved his pure intention by showing how dedicated and determined he is to become a great ninja. Besides that, many fans also find the character of Rocky Lee fascinating. It’s when he can use the Eight Gates power, as shown in a particular part of the anime series. 


Moreover, another character that left a mark on all Naruto fans is Shikamaru. He was once a simple kid to enjoy a carefree life in the village. 


However, many fans always find him a person with a kind heart and passion for people. In Naruto Shippuden, the character of Shikamaru had evolved and become even more serious when his sensei Asuma died. Then, as the story goes on, he took over his father’s role in the village as the master tactician. Another exciting part of Shikamaru’s character is his ability to use darkness to kill his enemies in every battle.


In addition, you might also be familiar with Tsunade. Naruto fans find this character with an ability to bring Konohagakure together when their Hokage in the village died. She appeared in the story with a set of strong powers and a few weaknesses. She’s also been dealing with various gambling issues, and many people know her to have a great fear of blood. These interesting facts about Tsunade make the Naruto fans find this character exciting. It left a notable mark on the development of the entire story.


You can’t also forget the person who helped the main character win different battles. It’s Jiraiya helping Naruto be a good man and fight life with intelligence and strength. Everyone likes the character of Jiraiya, excluding his perverted behavior sometimes. However, it also makes his character more fun and exciting to some Naruto fans out there.


These are a few characters in Naruto who left a significant mark on all fans across the globe. It even significantly helped develop the entire story to be more colorful and exciting. That’s why Naruto is still the best anime of all time because of its compelling characters in this anime series.

Earned Big Following and Community

As mentioned earlier, Naruto has been a famous anime series, not just in Japan. It even reached all avid anime fans from different parts of the world. On top of that, with its popularity, people even made Naruto into exciting video games and tons of merchandise. It even helped them earn millions of dollars worldwide., which reached millions of dollars in revenue. 


Moreover, Naruto became one of the in-demand media franchises in different countries with millions of dollars of revenue. It has 220 episodes and five seasons in the original anime series. On the other hand, there’s another set of 500 episodes and 21 seasons in Naruto: Shippuden. On top of that, there are now hundreds of episodes for the new anime series entitled Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. 


It has a wide range of avid fans worldwide, making it their top favorite. Besides that, even Google has recognized the word “Naruto,” which became one of the most searched words on the internet. In addition, many people get hooked on the story’s development and every drama, action, and fun in different exciting twists. 


As the anime went on, it has been known for defeating enemies in every battle through strategic planning and intelligence. It makes it different from other anime series. Hence, Naruto is still the best anime of all time because of its popularity from various people across the globe.


The Naruto anime series has been giving fun and entertainment to many anime lovers around the world. With the big reasons discussed above, it has been proven that Naruto remains the best anime of all time. The exciting plot and twists, interesting character development, and the entire storyline make every piece of it all worthy of watching every day. It’s not just kids, but people of all ages who have fallen in love with the life story of Naruto.

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