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New Research Says Video Games Can Help Reduce Depression

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Due to technological advancement, many geniuses with brilliant minds continue to produce video games to provide avid gamers with fun and entertainment across the globe. In fact, it’s not only young people who get hooked on playing video games. Even adults get interested in this exciting and innovative pastime. 


Moreover, when the COVID-19 started, the number of avid gamers has significantly increased worldwide, spending so much time with their various electronic devices almost every day. Besides that, it became prevalent when most schools decided to have online classes instead of attending a physical classroom due to the threat of the pandemic. Hence, it’s also one reason that these children have regular exposure to the use of various gadgets. 


However, based on different studies, playing video games tends to have a substantial connection to a lower chance of experiencing depression. Again, it’s not only for children, but it’s true of all ages and for both men and women. To get to know more about it, check the complete details below about the effects of playing video games that can help reduce depression. 

Researches and Studies

According to Science Daily, a new study has been conducted this year at the University of College London. The results show that boys who are 11 years old tend not to show symptoms of depression even after three years. Besides that, the results further indicate the different effects of various activities using electronic devices among users. 


The said study presented both the advantages and disadvantages that may influence these people who have significant screen exposure. It may leave an impact on mental health and both genders in different ways. However, it may not have shown concrete pieces of evidence in the entire duration of the study that playing video games helps improve users’ mental health. Still, it didn’t also show any adverse effects from these activities. 


In fact, playing video games has shown various benefits that may contribute to the overall wellness of people who spend time on their electronic devices. However, some experts may advise lessening the time users spend almost every day on mental and physical health. It’s because when you play video games, you tend to be inactive for hours, which may result in obesity in the long run. Besides that, too much exposure to electronic devices may have detrimental effects on one’s eyesight. 


It could be true, but it doesn’t say that playing these video games is harmful and the reason for these undesirable outcomes. With that being said, when users play different video games on their electronic devices, they should be responsible enough and be aware of how much time they should spend on their electronic devices. It may help them avoid going through these possible undesirable health effects. Always remember that anything too much isn’t always good for everyone. It’s the same thing when you consume too much sugar or meat every day. It’ll always bring any adverse results in the long run. 

Improves Self-Esteem

Men Playing Computer Games

Besides the results of the study discussed above, some people also conducted a few research across the globe and had different outcomes. It’s because some factors might influence the results in many ways. It may include the participants of the study and the nature of the video games played. 


Moreover, another good point to note is that playing these video games will also increase users’ self-esteem and consequently reduce depression. It’s because there are tons of video games you can play online with other players in different parts of the world. Hence, you can communicate and interact with other players, leading to building friendships and meeting new people online.  That’s why those who aren’t socially active or introverts tend to find their space in the digital world, leading them to explore the place they might think they fit best. 


In addition, most video games will also give users a character to play against other users. That’s why when a character wins a game, a player tends to feel a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. Hence, as mentioned earlier, those children who don’t have a healthy social life will eventually gain self-esteem, acceptance, and boost self-confidence. It’ll consequently lead to a lesser chance of experiencing depression in the long run. 

Enhances Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

Besides improving self-esteem and boosting one’s self-confidence of a person playing video games, it’ll also enhance creativity and problem-solving skills, which are good factors to reduce the possibility of going through depression. It’s because almost all video games will provide a player with different challenges to fight against other users and win the game. 


Moreover, if you’ve been playing these video games for quite some time, you would know how the game works and how to gain extra points or rewards from winning. To do that, you need to have an effective strategy and plan to defeat those users playing against you. That’s why you have to use all of your tools and employ the available method most effectively to accomplish your goal in the game. 


It means that you have to use all possible ways to make you or your team win. You have to know the best weapon to use, when to attack your enemy, and when to defend yourself. Besides that, if you can see the influence of playing video games on that scenario, you may notice how the players become creative in dealing with various strategies and methods to take chances of winning the game. It also helps users develop their problem-solving skills by avoiding any possibility of defeat. 


Hence, it has been proven that playing video games will significantly help users improve their creativity and hone their problem-solving skills. As a result, those who suffer from stress and depression will most likely divert their attention to becoming a better person every day who has acquired these skills they can use for survival. That’s why playing video games is a contributory factor to lessen stress and reduce depression in the long run. 

Boost Resilience 

Man Playing Counter-Strike

When playing video games, it’s sometimes inevitable to lose and fail your team. It can be very frustrating to most players. However, the good thing about it is that everyone always has the chance to do better in the next game. It might be a challenge to cope with discouragement, but it’ll be a significant victory to celebrate if you win again. 


If you can see in this particular scenario, the users who play the game and lose it tend to feel disappointed at a certain time. However, they never stopped trying until they won again. It’ll give them the idea that whatever the outcome of your actions, you’ll always have something better in the near future, as long as you never stop trying your best in any way. 


Hence, that’s the character of being resilient, willing, and able to recover from any failures and difficulties quickly. That’s why if you’ve acquired a sense of resilience in real life, you’ll most likely reduce the chance of experiencing depression. You can begin learning that by playing your favorite video games.  


As mentioned earlier, playing video games continues to gain popularity to many people across the globe. It’s one of the best leisure activities that most people do to kill boredom with fun and entertainment, especially when the pandemic started. Besides that, it’s also the best way to reduce stress and depression, according to different researches and studies worldwide. Hence, always find ways to enjoy playing your video games on your electronic devices most responsibly and effectively to continue fun and thrill with your favorite pastime.

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