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This new online academy wants to teach you how to make anime.

Thousands of people work in the anime industry in Japan, and likely tens of thousands more wish they could. Anime has reached the mainstream in nearly every country in the world.

Though there have been reports of low pay and difficult working conditions, many people want to work in the industry for the joy of the final creative product - Anime!

Art Academy Website

The Anime Art Academy has been teaching authentic, professional Japanese drawing techniques to students all over the world since 2016.

Manga illustration style was developed from a drawing style known as "ukiyo-e" which was popular in Japan around two centuries ago. Since then, it has been constantly changing and developing into the style we recognise as "anime and manga" style today!

According to the creator of the academy, "Anime and manga are currently hugely popular all over the world, and many up-and-coming international artists are showing interest in the style. Sadly, because of the language barrier and other constraints, there currently aren't many opportunities for native Japanese artists to share their industry experience and authentic techniques with students around the world."

"That's where Anime Art Academy comes in!", he continued, "Our team of professional Japanese artists were brought together by a common goal - we want to share our first-hand knowledge and experience of Japanese illustration with all those international art students who are ready to learn! We have lots of preview lessons available on our homepage, so you can check out our course for free before joining."

Learning How To Draw Anime

What can interested students learn at Anime Art Academy?

・ Japanese manga style illustration

・ Manga and anime character creation techniques

・ Drawing authentic Japanese clothing and accessories

・ Manga style backgrounds

・ Anime style colouring techniques

・ And much, much more!

The academy's core lessons starts with video lessons created by professional Japanese artists, teaching authentic techniques for drawing anime and manga. Then instructors provide students with direct personal feedback on their art. All feedback from the Japanese instuctor-artists is translated into English by native speakers.

Teachers provide homework lessons and directly comment on the homework completed.

About the Anime Industry

Up until the 1980's, anime and manga was considered a hobby for children, and most fans were in junior high or high school.

But the industry has grown and adapted to become a hobby for all ages! With the countless different genres and styles, there's something for every generation to enjoy. Around 20% of Japan's population list anime or manga as one of their hobbies, and the market size is thought to be almost 25 billion dollars!

In 2021, the international anime and manga market overtook Japan's market for the first time, and it looks like there's no stopping the explosive popularity of these Japanese cartoons!

What started as a children's hobby in Japan has spread to all corners of the world, and is being enjoyed by fans of all ages and walks of life. This means there are more and more artists excited by the manga style who want to learn more and develop their skills! Anime Art Academy wants to be there for those artists, and support them every step of the way!

At the anime art academy some of the anime lessons available include lessons focusing on drawing popular modern anime styles, drawing manga, character, coloring, and background design. For more details check out the lessons available on their website or navigate to their homepage to learn more.

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