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Log Horizon Season 3 to be Streamed by Funimation

Anime distribution company Funimation has announced this Monday that they will be streaming the upcoming third season of Log Horizon (official title: Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table). The announcement stated that the series will be added to their roster of winter 2021 titles.

The series is set for a January 13, 2021 premiere, after its original October 2020 premiere date was delayed because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All the cast and staff from the previous season will be returning for the anime, such as:

·        Takuma Terashima as Shiroe

·        Tomoaki Maeno as Naotsugu

·        Emiri Katō as Akatsuki

·        Jouji Nakata as Nyanta

·        Daiki Yamashita as Tōya

·        Nao Tamura as Minori

·        Eriko Matsui as Isuzu

·        Tetsuya Kakihara as Lundellhaus

·        Yukiyo Fujii as Tetra

·        Yumi Hara as Marielle

·        Ayahi Takagaki as Henrietta

·        Misaki Kuno as Serara

·        Mariya Ise as Lenessia Erhart Cowen

·        Ikumi Hayama as Elissa

·        Marina Inoue as Kanami

·        Takahiro Sakurai as Crusty

·        Kaori Nazuka as Misa Takayama

·        Rie Murakawa as Lizé

·        Hiro Shimono as Sōjirō

·        Hiroki Gotō as Michitaka

·        Nobuhiko Okamoto as Karashin

·        Satoshi Hino as Isaac

·        Masakazu Nishida as Eins

·        Yūichi Nakamura as William Massachusetts

Story supervision will still be done by Syouji Masuda, with Shinji Ishihira returning to direct the series for Studio DEEN. Series scripts will still be overseen by Toshizo Nemoto, with Shouji Hata as sound director and Yasuharu Takanashi as music composer.

Log Horizon is a novel series written by Mamare Touno, with illustrations done by Kazuhiro Hara. It tells the story of how characters Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Akasuki survive in the fantasy game world of Elder Tale, where 30,000 gamers are trapped and hence have to fight in order to survive.

The novel was adapted into a two-season anime series in 2013 and 2014. The upcoming third season shares the same title as Log Horizon’s 12th volume. 

Source: Anime News Network

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