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Upcoming Yuri Anime “Adachi and Shimamura” Reveals Third Promo Video, New Visual, October 8 Premiere

The official website of the TV anime adaptation of Hitoma Iruma’s yuri light novel series Adachi and Shimamura has recently revealed the third promo video for the series! Check out the video here.

The video previews opening theme song, Kimi ni Aeta Hi (The Day I Met You) by lead voice actresses Akari Kito and Miku Ito, as well as the ending theme song Kimi no Tonari de (Beside You) by Miku Ito. The video also reveals the series’ October 8, 2020 premiere.

A new key visual was also revealed for the series:

The anime adaptation will be directed by Satoshi Kuwabara (Black Jack, Astro Boy: Shinsen-gumi), with scripts written by Keiichiro Ochi (The Quintessential Quintuplets). Character design will be done by Shizue Kaneko (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord). The anime will be produced by Tezuka Productions and is set for an October 2020 release.

Akari Kito, who has voiced Blend S’ Kaho Hinata as well as Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will be playing Adachi Sakura. Shimamura Hougetsu will be played by Miku Ito, who also starred in another yuri anime, Fragtime, as Misuzu Moritani. She also voiced Miku Nakano in Quintessential Quintuplets.

The other cast are:

·        Manami Numakura as Hino

·        Reina Ueda as Nagafuji

·        Iori Saeki as Yashiro Chikama

Adachi to Shimamura was launched in Dengeki Bunko magazine in 2013, written by Hitoma Iruma and illustrations done by Non. The light novel series has released eight volumes so far. In 2016, the light novel series was adapted into a three-volume manga series by Mani which was released on Square Enix’s Gangan Online website until 2017. Last year, a second manga adaptation of the series was released, with illustrations done by Moke Yuzuhara.

Besides Adachi to Shimamura, Iruma has also written other yuri works such as Yagate Kimi ni Naru – Saeki Sayaka ni Tsuite (Bloom Into You – On Sayaka Saeki), a light novel spinoff of Nio Nakatani’s yuri manga Yagate Kimi ni Naru.

The story follows high schoolers Sakura Adachi and Hougetsu Shimamura, whose friendship started when they first met each other on the second floor of their school gymnasium. The novel shows the two girls’ spending their days together doing activities such as talking to each other about their favorite TV shows and playing table tennis together. However, their ordinary days together undergo a subtle change when Adachi starts having romantic feelings for Shimamura.

Source: Anime News Network

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