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fripSide, KOTOKO Revealed as Theme Song Singers for Anime Adaptation of Korean Mobile RPG “King’s Raid”

Big name-performers have just been announced for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of South Korean mobile RPG app King’s Raid! The anime’s opening song, legendary future, will be sung by popular anisong pop duo fripSide. The ending theme song, entitled SticK Out, will be performed by popular solo singer KOTOKO.

The King’s Raid TV anime will premiere this October, with no exact date announced yet. The TV series will tell a new story from the RPG app and will feature anime-original characters Rihito and Lupine as its main protagonists. Rihito is voiced by Ryouta Suzuki and Lupine is voiced by Yoshino Nanjo, one of the two members of fripSide.

Other previously-announced cast are:

·        Kaito Ishikawa as Kasel

·        Ai Kakuma as Frey

·        Ari Ozawa as Cleo

·        Kengo Kawanishi as Roi

·        Takuma Terashima as Clause

·        Shun Horie as Theo

·        Ryotaro Okiayu as Dominicus

·        Kentaro Ito as Marduk

·        Masaya Matsukaze as Kyle

·        Sakura Nakamura as Maria

·        Mitsuki Nakae as Scarlet

·        Mika Kanda as Demia

·        Emi Hirayama as Lorraine

·        Juri Nagatsuma as Selene

·        Takako Tanaka as Ophelia

·        Moe Toyota as Jane

·        Yūki Takada as Reina

·        Riho Iida as Elise

The series will be directed by Makoto Hoshino (Utano Prince Sama Revolutions), with Megumi Shimizu (My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!) supervising script composition. The series is produced by OLM and Sunrise Beyond.

Anime News Network describes the King’s Raid game as such:

“The game is a real-time 3D battle role-playing game that has topped 13 million downloads worldwide since launching on September 19, 2016. The story is set in a world of sword and sorcery a century after King Kairu of Orvelia defeated the demon king Angumundo. The squire Kasel lives in these peaceful times. However, Kasel’s destiny is set in motion when he hears of the demons reappearing on his land. Guided by a great wise man, Kasel embarks on an adventure with his companions to drive back the darkness threatening his once peaceful land and become the Chosen Warrior of the Holy Sword Aea.”

Source: Anime News Network

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