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‘Golden Kamuy’ Anime Collaboration is Happening in Mobile Game GRAND SUMMONERS

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The mobile game GRAND SUMMONERS has returned this year its anime collaboration with the popular anime series Golden Kamuy.

Old and new players of the game will be able to get the following in this recent game collaboration: - Get a LUCK 5 unit, Toshizo Hijikata for free, Summon powerful 5 units Saichi Sugimoto and Asirpa, All Golden Kamuy units are fully voiced by original cast, anime-inspired Equipment, story event, and food. You can also play the Golden Kamuy event for chat stickers and rewards!

The game currently has a daily instant win campaign where players can visit the official GRAND SUMMONERS Twitter page and retweet one post per day to win an $100 Amazon Gift Card or 300x Crystals which you can use in the game.

GRAND SUMMONERS’ previous collaboration was from the popular isekai anime The Rising of the Shield Hero, and Yu Yu Hakusho in which follows similar game rewards.

About Grand Summoners (as described by ANN)

Grand Summoners is an Epic Anime RPG with heated, real-time RPG battles -- all in cutting-edge Pixel Art graphics!

Questing in Multiplayer is also a blast, in which 4 players will work together to defeat bosses. The Arena features PvP content in which players face-off using their best units and equips, while players can also compete in Raids for valuable rewards!

But Grand Summoners' single-player content is just as memorable, featuring an epic Main Story mode spanning over 50 hours of gameplay, with new events added on weekly. Players can earn over 1,000 Crystals by completing all single-player missions combined!

About Grand Kamuy

Saichi Sugimoto is feared as the "Immortal Sugimoto" for his savagery on the battlefield during the Russo-Japanese war, but he is by no means a war hero. Sugimoto has been left to fend for himself after his release from the army for nearly killing a superior officer. Braving the rough terrain of Hokkaido, Sugimoto is now searching for gold in order to keep a promise to his lost brother-in-arms. His efforts have been fruitless for a long time until a mysterious traveler tells him of an urban legend that would rid him of all his troubles.

According to the legend, a criminal stole the gold of the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, and hid it away in a location that can only be found when a map—made not from pieces of parchment, but the tattooed skins of escaped convicts—is brought together.

Upon meeting with a young Ainu girl, Asirpa, Sugimoto sets off in search of the tattooed prisoners, but many dangers await as soldiers and mercenaries seek the gold as well. Aided by Asirpa’s knowledge of the lands, the two of them depart to find the stolen Ainu gold in a journey of revenge, murder, and greed.


Source: ANN, with synopsis by MAL

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