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Ghibli Museum to Slowly Reopen to the Public in September

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It was announced on Thursday by Ghibli Museum Director Kazuki Anzai that the Ghibli Museum is now in the process of slowly reopening to the general public in September. The museum is dedicated to the animated productions made by the powerhouse animation studio, Studio Ghibli.

It was mentioned that they will start the gradual reopening in July. The expansion of ticket sales will depend on the result of the initial reopen phase of the museum.

The Ghibli Museum closed its door last February 25 as a safety procedure against the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also in compliance with Mitaka City’s implemented health and safety protocols. Although the museum will finally be reopened to public in September, the are plans of closing around November and December for facility maintenance. They are hoping to have everything in full operation by early 2021.

Anzai stated that the Japan had did so well in combating the first wave of COVID-19 infections. However, the general public is still urged to avoid the “three C’s” which are closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact setting. He also urged the public to embrace the “new normal” for the sake of everyone’s safety.

It was announced previously that the Ghibli Museum will remain closed until April 27 due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The museum has announced its closure since February 25 and refunds were on the way following the announcement. Tickets for visits until April 30 were being refunded.

Tickets for April 29 until May 31 visits were on sale on April 10.

The museum management announced that they were delaying all ticket sales for April when the museum reopens and the coronavirus outbreak situation is contained. Originally, it was supposed to be closed on May 19 to May 29 for its regular semiannual maintenance. It has then decided that they will stay open in May.

The World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus as a pandemic and it has urged the public to remain calm and follow the necessary protocols implemented by health authorities worldwide to contain the virus.

This is not the only attraction that was closed due to the Coronavirus. Big theme park attractions like Universal Studios Japan and Disney Themes parks have also announced closure until mid-March due to the outbreak.

Universal Studios Japan will be temporary closed from February 29 until Mid-March. The reason for this is due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in Japan. This was implemented as a way to curb the spread of the virus.

It was also announced by Oriental Land Cop previously that their following theme parks Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will be closed in the same timeframe. This is the first time ever that Disney parks are closed for an extended period since the 2011 earthquake that happened in the Tohoku region.

Universal Studios Japan previously announced some several anime-themed events in relation to its campaign, “Universal Cool Japan”.

We recently reported about the Cool Japan attractions that can be found in Universal Studios Japan. Japanese website Oricon News released a sneak-peek of experiencing the Attack on Titan XR ride. The mentioned ride officially opened to the public on Tuesday and can be found in the Universal Studios Japan Osaka theme park.

You can check out their video report on the experience here.  Aside from the ride, a “Survey Corps Mess Hall” restaurant will also be opened which features a life-size Clone-oids of Attack on Titan characters Levi and Hange.

An ad was recently released by Universal Studios Japan which highlights the “Attack on Titan XR Ride”. If you’re a person who doesn’t love the outdoor roller coasters, then this one you may consider as it is indoor and it is guaranteed to give you the feel of swooping to the sky with your 3D maneuver gear.

You will be joined by the Survey Corps as you engage into battle against naked-eating giants. The thrill of slaying titans may finally be coming true yes? Those who will be trying out this ride will be wearing a VR headset to add a more realistic titan-slaying experience. For those who are curious about where this attraction will be located, it is where the Final Fantasy coaster used to be back in 2018.

The Attack on Titan manga is created by Hajime Isayama and was first released on September 9, 2009, in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine (which is owned by popular manga publisher Kodansha). The series has released 29 compiled volumes so far as of August 2019 and the franchise is well-received by fans not only in Japan but around the world. The popularity of the manga has also got it to garner several awards including Harvey Award, Micheluzzi Awards, and the Kodansha Manga Award.

In another report, an ad was released by Universal Studios Japan way back featuring its “Cool Japan” attraction. The latest ad that was uploaded features Detective Conan interacting with real people who are entering the Detective Conan attraction. The video also features characters from Lupin III as it also highlighted its live street entertainment show. Attractions under Universal Cool Japan will run from January 21 until June 28 of this year.

Detective Conan World” is a set of four attractions in Universal Studios Japan based on the popular Detective Conan franchise created by Gosho Aoyama. The following rides are as follows: “Detective Conan x Hollywood Dream the Ride” which features a new story, the escape room game “Detective Conan The Escape” featuring “that person,” the park-wide mystery “Detective Conan Mystery Challenge,” and “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant” which will give you a murder mystery dining experience.

The Detective Conan series centers the many detective adventures of Shinichi Kudo alias Conan Edogawa whose body got shrunk after being taken a drug by criminals.

Aside from the mentioned attractions, Universal Cool Japan will also have a Monster Hunter World: Iceborne attraction.

In the Monster Hunter attraction, you will be taken to a different kind of VR fantasy experience exploring the environment and encountering the game’s vicious monsters in a VR monster hunt. This attraction was developed as a celebration to Monster Hunter World’s newest expansion Iceborne.

Stay Safe, Everyone!

Source: ANN

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