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New Trailer and Updated Cast Revealed for Upcoming ‘Digimon Adventure’ Reboot Anime!

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Get ready Digi-fans! The classic Digimon Adventure anime will have an anime reboot slated to premiere on April 5. A new trailer was released on the anime’s official website on Tuesday featuring the all new voice cast for the DigiDestined again with an almost complete returning cast of the partner Digimon.


Yuko Sanpei will be voicing the protagonist and leader of the DigiDestined, Taichi, Chika Sakamoto as Agumon, Daisuke Namikawa as Yamato Ishida, Ryoko Shiraishi as Sora Takenouchi, Yumiko Kobayashi as Koshiro Izumi, Mariko Kono as Mimi Tachikawa, Takeshi Kusao as Joe Kido, Megumi Han as Takeru Kakeishi, and Misaki Watada as Hikari Yagami.

Other cast members are the following:

Mayumi Yamaguchi as Gabumon

Atori Shigematsu as Piyomon

Takahiro Sakurai as Tentomon

Kinoko Yamada as Palmon

Junko Takeuchi as Gomamon

Miwa Matsumoto as Patamon

Mie Sonozaki as Gatomon

Masako Nozawa as Narrator

From the partner Digimon, only Mie Sonozaki is a non-returning cast remember.

This new upcoming Digimon anime will take in the year 2020 and will have an all-new story centering the series protagonist Taichi in his fifth year in elementary school along with his Digimon partner, Agumon.

About Digimon Adventure (Reboot) as described by ANN:

The story begins in Tokyo when a large-scale network malfunction occurs. Taichi is preparing for his weekend summer camping trip when the incident happens. Taichi's mother and his younger sister Hikari get stuck on a train that won't stop moving, and Taichi heads to Shibuya in order to help them. However, on his way there, he encounters a strange phenomenon and sweeps him up into the Digital World along with the other DigiDestined.


The first Digimon anime premiered in Japan in 1999, which was then followed by Digimon Adventure 02 that aired from 2000 to 2001. The first of the six-part film project Digimon Adventure tri. premiered in Japan in November 2015. The sixth film premiered in Japan in May 2018. The said film series features the first DigiDestined in high school. Anime streaming platform Crunchyroll made all six films available for streaming on the same days that they were premiered in Japan. Home video releases were done by Shout! Factory.

Last February 21, the anime film Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna premiered in Japan. The film features Taichi as a university student. Both Toei Animation and Fathom Events will schedule screenings for the United States on March 25 in original Japanese language with English subtitles.

About Digimon Adventure

When a group of kids head out for summer camp, they don't expect it to snow in the middle of July. Out of nowhere, the kids receive strange devices which transport them to a very different world to begin their Digimon Adventure! Led by the plucky Taichi Yagami, the seven children must now survive in a realm far from home, filled with monsters and devoid of other humans.

Luckily, they're not alone: each child is paired off with a companion digital monster called a Digimon. Together, the children and their new friends must overcome their insecurities, discover their inner strengths, and evolve into stronger fighters - literally.

A force of evil is spreading through the Digital World, corrupting all the Digimon. The DigiDestined have arrived and it’s up to them to save the Digital World, if they ever want to see their home world again.

About Digimon Adventure 02

A few years after the adventures of the Chosen Children in the Digital World, a new batch of Chosen Children are summoned to save the Digital World. An evil ruler known as the Digimon Kaiser, or Digimon Emperor, is forcing the Digital World's Digimon into enslavement. The new group of Chosen Children, with the help of their Digimon, then begin a journey to stop the evil Digimon Emperor.

About Digimon Adventure tri. 1: Saikai

It's been six years since that summer adventure when Taichi Yagami and the rest of the DigiDestined crossed over to the Digital World. And nearly three years have passed since the final battle between Hikari Yagami's group and BelialVamdemon. As the peaceful days passed by, at some point the gate to the Digital World closed. Not even the DigiDestined know what caused this, and time alone continues to pass.


On one such day, a Kuwagamon suddenly appears in Odaiba. Its rampage leaves the town in ruins, and the people there in turmoil. Taichi happens to catch sight of the Kuwagamon, and he chases after it all by himself in an effort to halt its rampage. But there's nothing he can do against a Kuwagamon.


"It's no use... I can't do anything about this alone..."


Just as the Kuwagamon roars and attacks Taichi, his Digivice begins to emit a bright light...


"Taichi, look how big you've grown!"


With the sound of that nostalgic voice, the story once again begins to move in a big way.


Taichi Yagami, age 17; high school student.


The adventure now evolves once again.


Are you ready for more Digimon?

Source: ANN

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