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Cosplay Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

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We are back again with another round-up of these kinds of guides to help beginner con attendees and cosplayers on their first convention.

As observed, there are some cosplayers who make mistakes during the event. Well, nobody’s perfect. What I’m talking about here are some major cosplay mistakes that might lead to a huge chance of getting the con organizers’ attention and get you out of the venue. We understand that a lot of you guys are still beginners in this wonderful food of cosplay and con attendance so here are some cosplay mistakes to avoid while the convention is ongoing.

Making Your Cosplay Inside the Convention Hall

Please, don’t do this. We know that some of you guys like the thrill of cramming your cosplay for the whole weekend convention. However, let’s not forget that the convention organizers only rent the venue for the whole weekend, and we know too well that renting huge venues cost money. A lot of money.

As respect for the organizers, please finish or do your last minute cosplay checks in your home before you go to the convention venue. Some of these venues are quite strict when it comes to usage of paints, chemicals, and dangerous pointy objects so please do not use such things in the convention and your cosplay crafts at home. If ever you need quick patch-ups on your costume, we have a guide to making your first Cosplay First Aid Kit.

Taking Pictures of Cosplayers Without Permission

It’s a golden rule in conventions that Cosplay is Not Consent. We make sure that everyone gets this very important rule. It’s very rude that you suddenly take pictures of cosplayers without their permission. You know it’s quite easy to say “Hello, there. You have a very awesome costume. Is it okay if I can take a picture?”. Then wait for their reply. Remember that a cosplayer has every right to say NO because it’s either they are busy, have other things to do, or they just feel uncomfortable with you.

Using a Cosplayer’s Props or Weapons Without Permission

Please, you must understand that a lot of cosplayers put their blood, sweat, and tears into their props and weapons. Seeing them get damaged because of recklessness by another person is just very heartbreaking. If ever you want to take a closer look at a cosplayer’s props or weapon, ask permission first. Do not just take it away from their hands or when they are not looking. Think of how much effort they put into them to make it. It all begins with respect and proper handling.

Bullying Cosplayers

Cosplay is a fun hobby for everyone and it will always be until the ends of the earth. Convention organizers do not tolerate any kind of bullying by anyone in the convention hall. If ever you have witnessed such actions, immediately notify the con staff so it will be addressed immediately. Let’s all do our part in keeping anime and cosplay conventions to be a safe place for any fan or geek out there.

So this ends part one of this guide. Stay tuned to Part 2 next week as we go deeper into some cosplay and convention attendee mistakes and what we can do about it.  

Photo by Anime Midwest

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