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1st Teaser Trailer Revealed for Live-Action Film Adaptation of Boys-Love Manga “Love Stage!!”

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Prepare your fujoshi hearts as a teaser trailer was just released for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of popular boys-love manga Love Stage!! Breathe deeply and get ready to squeal at all the gayness in the trailer, which you can watch here!

Previously-revealed cast members are:

Mahiro Sugiyama as Izumi Sena

Hiroki Nakada as Ryoma Ichijo

Shinichi Wago as Rei Sagara

Daigo as Shogo Sena

The film is set for a 2020 release. Series creator Eiki Eiki herself will write the film’s script.

It will be remembered that last July, Love Stage!!’s two lead characters Izumi and Ryoma were featured on the cover of CIEL magazine for the first time since the series ended almost three years ago. Love Stage!!’s first chapter was also reprinted in the issue.

Love Stage!! was written by Eiki Eiki and illustrated by Taishi Zaou. It was first serialized in Kadokawa’s CIEL magazine in July 2010, with the last chapter published on September 2016. In 2014, the manga received an anime adaptation from J.C. Staff which aired between July and September 2014.

The story revolves around Izumi Sena, a college student who was born into a family of entertainers—his dad is a director, his mom a film actress, and his older brother the lead vocalist of popular band. A “traumatic” experience on the set of a TV commercial ten years ago—which involved him botching up a bouquet-catching scene while dressed as a girl—made Izumi develop a fear of anything related to the entertainment industry. Fast-forward to the present, and he is now an otaku college student when he crosses paths with famous actor Ryoma, who turns out to be his co-star in the traumatic commercial he starred in. Ryoma, on the other hand, actually has had a crush on Izumi since they were kids.

Source: Anime News Network

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