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Preparing Yourself 24 Hours Before the Anime Convention

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One of the most exciting parts of the week aside from the actual anime convention days, is the day before the convention. Just imagine that it is just 24 hours left before the convention weekend starts, what should you do? Here are some tips to make sure you’re well-prepared before the awesome days ahead.

Get All Your Badges Ready

Remember that conventions require you to pay a certain fee per day in order to get access to the convention floor. Most of the time the prices vary depending on how many areas of the convention that you want to access and the day when you bought your badge.

Most convention organizers announce badge prices a year before their next convention date. Most of the time they are sold at big discounts. If ever you’ll be going this next big con soon, we recommend that you buy your badges in advance so that you’ll be able to skip the long lines just enjoy the rest of the day.

Always. Always. Always double check if you have brought your badge or not. It would be a pain that you have to go back and waste some hours because you left them.

Organizing and Saving Your Contacts

When you go to a convention, it’s expected you will meet a lot of people. If ever you have promised certain people that you will be meeting up during the weekend, be sure to organize your time and keep their contacts. Double-check their phone numbers, e-mails, and other ways of contact. Some of them will only be meeting up once a year, so don’t forget!

Research on How to Get to the Venue

Researching how to get to the venue is important, especially those who have to travel miles in order to attend the convention. Traffic can be very bothersome, so it is best that you check the map for possible and faster routes in going to the convention. You may also take the opportunity for Day 0 of the convention weekend to travel to the venue so that it wouldn’t be a big hassle to travel there at the last minute.

Sometimes mobile internet signals can be unstable while you travel. You can save the map directions on your phone or remember notable landmarks, so everything will be a breeze for you.

Getting Your Cosplay Ready

If you are cosplaying during the convention, we highly recommend that you dedicate your time to prepare and pack up your cosplay costume and props. Make a simple checklist so that nothing will be left behind. Make sure the luggage that you will be keeping all you cosplay stuff in is durable so that nothing will get damaged upon arrival to your hotel.

We have already shared this tip in our previous convention-related article, but we highly recommend that you prepare everything for your cosplay at least a couple of months or weeks before the convention dates. Avoid cramming for your cosplay at the 11th hour.


Get Enough Sleep

Yeah, we know it’s like a day before the convention already. Which means you need to have enough sleep. Although we admit the excitement doesn’t make you sleepy at all, you need to have more energy to enjoy the con to the fullest. Lack of sleep can cause stress and might even cause other complications if you put your body to the limit during the weekend. So be sure just to rest, relax, and save all the energy for the big event.

Double Check on the Guest Schedule

Conventions are one of the big opportunities to meet your idols coming from Japan and other parts of the world. Remember that these people may not be on all of the days of the convention, so double check on their guest schedule and be on time for you to be able to see them and have their autographs. Remember that some organizers are quite strict on time. So you must be in lines like 30 minutes before their panel or autograph session.

Double Check On Flight Tickets and Accommodations

This is also the right time for you to double-check your flight details as well as contacting your hotel to make sure that your travel and lodging are smooth and with no problems. If ever something is not right, contact your airline and the hotel hotline immediately. Remember it is better to address the situations the soonest than later when it’s too late to check and make changes.

So here’s our basic guide on what you should do 24 hours before the convention. Stay tuned for more tips like this as we make sure that your convention experience will be a memorable one.

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