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Beginner’s Guide to Starting Cosplayers

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Cosplay is just one awesome way to express your love for a certain character from any series or franchise. Some have been in this hobby for years, while there is still a lot still finding the right timing to start out and just have fun in a convention or photoshoot.

As promised, this week we are giving you tips that are essential not only for the congoers but also for the cosplayers as well. Here is some important stuff to take note for beginner cosplayers.

Start Out Simple

It may sound cliché, but what better way to experience the thrill and excitement of cosplay by starting out wearing simple cosplay costumes. You can go as an ANBU from Naruto or probably L or Misa from Death Note. The reason why we recommend that you start out with simple cosplays so that it wouldn’t be stressful on your part and you have more time and energy to enjoy the con. Those who more detailed and complicated costumes take more than hour to set up, so we don’t want you stress out on your first try.

Find Local Cosplay Sellers

If you have decided which character you want to cosplay, the next step is to find cosplay wig sellers, made-to-order costume sellers, and crafters. Just go through the prices of the sellers first before making a deal. You can find local cosplay shops online or go through cosplay-centered Facebook groups to find what you’re looking for.

Here’s an important tip: make sure that the seller of the costumes or those who offer commissions show high-quality photos of their work or what they’re selling. If they can’t provide you any clear picture or none at all, find another seller. Knowing that this is the Internet, it’s easy to get scammed these days.

Be Creative! Make Your Costume

While the option of buying your costume is there, it’s also a great fulfilling feeling that you get to make your own costume yourself. Again, since this will be your first time cosplaying, we recommend that you start out portraying characters with outfits that are easier to make.

There are hundreds of tutorials online on how to sew costumes. There is even a basic step by step instructions on how to make certain props and costumes. A little research and definitely go a long way.

Whenever you look at a reference pic for your cosplay and think that you can’t do it, don’t be! Just take it nice and slow. The very thing about making cosplay props, armor, and costumes are that there’s room for trial and error. There will always be mistakes, but you can always change and replace those in which later on can improve your craft.

Know The Convention that You’re Going

Okay, so you have your costume, you have your props, and you’re getting things ready. The next thing that you’re going to deal with is to know the convention that you’re going to. Whether it’s just near your state or you have to take some hours drive just to get there, make sure you know the convention that you’re going to. Know the official dates, the activities that you’re going, the people that you’re going to meet, and so on. It’s time just to destress, have fun, and just enjoy yourself in cosplay.

Avoid Cosplay Cramming

A lot of long-time cosplayers are guilty of this, and we would like to address this. Avoid cosplay cramming. This is when you are rushing to finish your costume just few days before the con. Though the thrill, excitement, and adrenaline can be addictive, let’s not forget that you’re attending a whole day convention, and you need enough sleep and energy to survive.

If you have decided on your costume, be sure to plan and make this months before. That way you have enough energy to pose for the camera and meet with friends in the convention.

Cosplay is Not Consent

Always, always, and always remember that COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT. You don’t have the right to touch somebody without their permission and consent. I have to be honest here that these kinds of situations are quite common in conventions, and sometimes people just tend to forget this very important rule in conventions.

If ever you were able to encounter this kind of thing, reach out to the convention organizers or the convention security personnel immediately. It is better than it is addressed the soonest rather than waiting for these kinds of people to strike next.

Remember, you are not alone. Do reach out, and don’t be afraid. You’ll be okay.

Cosplay is For Everyone

You are never too young or too old to cosplay. Cosplay is for everyone. It’s an art that should be freely expressed in different ways possible. So if you really love this character, get out there and portray him and her in the best way. Let’s not forget that cosplay is an art that everyone can enjoy, and everyone deserves to cosplay their favorite characters. No buts, no ifs.

So that’s about it. Be sure to visit Ani.ME every now and then as we offer you essential tips to survive a cosplay convention.

Image from Anime Midwest 

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