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‘BEASTARS’ Anime is Heading to Netflix Outside of Japan in Early 2020

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2020 is going to be interesting as video streaming platform giant Netflix announced on Tuesday that the anime adaptation of BEASTARS will now be available for viewers outside of Japan in early 2020. As of this time, it has not announced the regions where the series will be available.

The manga series is created by Paru Itagaki and was first released in September 2016 in Akita Shoten magazine in Japan. As of this writing, the manga series is still ongoing, with 15 volumes released so far. The English release of the manga is published by VIZ Media.

The story of BEASTARS takes place in a modern world inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures divided between the herbivores and carnivores. Our main hero, Legoshi, is a timid gray wolf and is a student of Cherryton Academy where he stays in a dorm with other carnivores. The tension between herbivores and carnivores began when Tem the alpaca was brutally murdered and been eaten. While this has been going on, Legoshi crossed paths with a dwarf rabbit named Haru, in which he grew feelings with as the story progresses.

The anime series first aired in Japan on October 9 and still ongoing. It is also available for streaming in Japan via Netflix.

The BEASTARS manga sold over 1.3 million printed copies as of April last year. Its immense popularity had also got the series to win multiple awards, including the being the Akita Shoten title to win the Manga Taisho award.

Netflix has become a video streaming powerhouse, not only providing a massive library of exclusively produced TV series and movies but also adding a massive library of other TV shows and movies from around the world. The platform’s anime library that is available for streaming is also growing until this very day.

Source: Netflix NX (Twitter)

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