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New Teaser Trailer Released for Violet Evergarden Side-Story

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The Violet Evergarden side-story entitled Violet Evergarden: Eternity and Auto Memories Doll (Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidō Shuki Ningyō) has just released a new trailer on Tuesday. Besides previewing the (expectedly) stunning animation and scenery for the upcoming side-story, the trailer also revealed new cast members and the anime’s theme song ”Amy” by Minori Chihara. Without further ado, check out the trailer below!

According to Anime News Network, the side story ”centers on Isabella, the heir to a noble house. She attends a school for well-groomed young women, under a “contract” with her father. To her, this beautiful place where white camelias bloom is nothing more than a prison. Having resigned all hope and expectations for her future, Isabella meets her new manners teacher, Violet Evergarden.”

Isabella York (the girl with the glasses) will be played by Minako Kotobuki (Nanamin Touko in Bloom Into You). Taylor Bartlett, the young girl in the trailer, will be played by Aoi Yuki (Tsuyu Asui in My Hero Academia, credited as Aoi Yabusaki). Taylor is described as “a girl with no family who pays Violet a visit.”

The side-story was earlier announced to be pushing through with its initially announced release date in Japanese theaters on September 6. Not only that, but it will now screen for three weeks instead of the originally scheduled two, showing from September 6 to 26.

The side-story will be directed by Haruka Fujita (Sound! Euphonium), who also directed episodes for the anime series.

First released as a light novel series written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase, Violet Evergarden won the grand prize in the fifth Kyoto Animation Awards novel category in 2014. It was then published in 2015 by KyoAni’s publishing arm, KA Esuma Bunko, and was then subsequently adapted into a 13-episode anime series by the same studio. The anime series premiered on January 2018 in Japan and in other countries as well via Netflix. The story revolves around Violet Evergarden, a robot who was once used as a soldier in a recently-ended war. She tries to reintegrate into society by becoming an Auto Memory Doll, or robots hired by people to write for them. The series follows her in learning how to become an Auto Memory Doll, understanding the feelings of people and the world around her, and trying to comprehend her former major’s dying words to her: “I love you”.

Source: Anime News Network

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