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Uniqlo Releases Full Line of Shirts for Its Collaboration With Sailor Moon

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Running out of t-shirts to wear? Want to proclaim to the world your love for legendary magical girl franchise Sailor Moon? Well those are just some of my many reasons to rush to the nearest Uniqlo outlet soon, as the Japanese clothing company has just released the full line of its collaboration with Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon!

The Sailor Moon x UNIQLO UT Collaboration is still part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary celebrations—yes, I know they’ve been celebrating that since 2017, but heck, as long as I get all these goodies then I won’t bat an eyelash. Uniqlo’s line of Sailor Moon shirts will drop in stores worldwide as well as on their online shop on August 23. Each shirt will retail at $14.90.
Without further ado, check out all eight shirts below!

As a Moonie, I think these designs are too few! Where are the Outer Senshi??? Where are my villains? I need more designs!

Sailor Moon was first launched and serialized in 1991 in Nakayoshi. Naoko Takeuchi’s work has since earned critical acclaim, numerous accolades, and has become one of the most lucrative and enduring anime franchises, selling over 35 million manga copies worldwide and earning an estimated $5 billion from merchandise sales alone.

Uniqlo’s line of t-shirts called UT (which basically stands for Uniqlo T-shirts) is part of the company’s LifeWear branding. According to their website, LifeWear “embodies a quest to enhance individual lifestyles by delivering quality clothing that is functional in design and versatile to wear”. Since its launch in 2003, Uniqlo UT shirts have released collaborations with numerous Japanese pop culture icons such as Shonen Jump characters and even woodblock Edo-era Ukiyo-E designs.

Source: Cruncyroll News

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