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New Visual Released for “Fragtime” OVA, Main Cast & Release Date Announced

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A new visual was released for the theatrical OVA of time-stopping yuri manga Fragtime. The new refreshing main visual features our two main characters, Misuzu and Haruka, happily walking along the beach. Check it out below!

Along with the release of the visual is the announcement that the theatrical OVA is set for a November 22 opening in selected theaters. Limited screenings will be held at Shinjuku’s Wald 9 and other theaters starting on the aforementioned date.

The Fragtime OVA will be handled by the same staff who worked on the Kase-san and Morning Glories OVA. Takuya Sato is set to direct and write the script for Fragtime, along with Tomoko Sudo who will handle character design. rionos, who composed the beautiful music in the Kase-san OVA, will also be working on Fragtime’s music.

The OVA’s two main cast has also been announced: Miku Ito (Kokoro Tsurumaki from BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!) will play main protagonist Misuzu Moritani, who has the powers to stop time. Yume Miyamoto (Rikka Tarakada from SSSS. Gridman) will play Haruka Murakami, on whom Misuzu’s time-stop powers will fail to work.

Fragtime was first published in 2013 in Akita Shoten’s “Champion Tap!” (now Manga Cross) manga website, and ran until 2014. It tells the story of high school student Misuzu Moritani, who mysteriously has powers to stop time for three minutes a day. She uses this power to secretly observe the people around her, but one day she chooses to stop time to peek into class idol Haruka Murakami’s panties. This doesn’t end well, as not only does she realize that her power doesn’t work on Haruka, she also finds herself in a compromised situation as Haruka discovers her secret. This then starts a mysterious relationship between the two girls.

Source: Anime News Network

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