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Sailor Moon Gets an Ice Show for 2020, Manga Gets Worldwide Digital Release

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And more news from the “Usagi Special Birthday Party 2019” event last Saturday: besides a two-part movie, the beloved Sailor Moon franchise will also be getting an ice show! The ice show, which will be the first of its kind for the iconic anime & manga series, will be starring none other than anime fan Evgenia Medvedeva. Besides being an award-winning figure skater, Medvedeva is also fondly known by most as an ardent fan of anime, including Sailor Moon. Toei has posted a video of her talking about her participation in the ice show, which you can check out below:

The Russian figure skater gained internet fame in 2016, when she did her skate routine while cosplaying Sailor Moon herself. She skated to fan-favorite Sailor Moon songs: ”Sailor Stars Song”, ”Moonlight Densetsu” (Moonlight Legend), and the theme to Usagi’s transformation sequence in the anime. Of course, she ended her routine by doing the iconic Sailor Moon pose. If you want to relieve her Sailor Moon performance during the 2016 Dreams on Ice at Aore Nagaoka, you can check it out below:

And another announcement for the franchise: starting July 1, Kodansha Comics and Comixology are making the Sailor Moon manga available in digital form! This digital release is the same as the Sailor Moon Eternal Edition mangas that were previously released in print by Kodansha. The digital versions are made available in 10 languages, with the English versions already available for sale on Kindle and Comixology. As of now, there is no announcement of what other languages the Sailor Moon manga will be released in, nor of the companies that will handle the local releases.

Sailor Moon was first launched and serialized in 1991 in Nakayoshi. Naoko Takeuchi’s work has since earned critical acclaim, numerous accolades, and has become one of the most lucrative and enduring anime franchises, selling over 35 million manga copies worldwide and earning an estimated $5 billion from merchandise sales alone.

Source: Anime News Network

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