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Assassin’s Pride Anime Announces Main Cast, Staff

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The official website of upcoming anime Assassin’s Pride has just unveiled its main voice cast and staff. The four main characters and their voice actors are:

• Kufa Vampir – the main protagonist of the series. He is assigned to be Melida’s tutor and is also instructed to assassinate her if she was seen to have no talent in mana. He will be voiced by Yuuki Ono (Ace of Diamond’s Shun Isashiki).
• Melida Angel – a girl who has no talent in mana despite being born into a noble family of Holy Knights. She will be voiced by Tomori Kusunoki (Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online’s Llenn)
• Elise Angel – Melida’s cousin who has talent in wielding mana. She will be voiced by Yui Ishikawa (Attack on Titan’s Mikasa Ackerman)
• Rosetti Pricket – currently Elise’s tutor and a member of the holy city guards. She will be voiced by Marina Yabuchi, with this being her first major role.

The anime will be produced by EMT Squared, with director Kazuya Aiura (episode director for Citrus) directing the series. Deko Akao (Amanchu!) will be writing the scripts and Maho Yoshikawa (Yona of the Dawn) will helm character design and will also serve as chief animation director. Other key staff members are:

• Art Director: Mikiko Matsumoto (Studio Fuga)
• Color Key: Tomoko Koyama (FINE COLORs)
• Director of Photography: Ryohei Miyasaka (Rare Trick)
• CG Director: Wataru Shibata (EMT Squared)
• Editor: Michi Takigawa (REAL-T)
• Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
• Sound Production: Half HP Studio

Anime News Network describes the anime’s story as such:

”The series takes place in a world where only those from noble families have the mana to be able to fight against monsters. Kufa is a noble born to a duke’s family who is sent to tutor a young woman named Melida. If it turns out that Melida has no talent with mana, Kufa is secretly instructed to assassinate her.”

Assassin’s Pride is a light novel series written by Kei Amagi and illustrated by Nino Ninomoto. The anime is set for a fall 2019 premiere.

Source: Anime News Network

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