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My Hero Academia Launches the Cutest Collaboration with Sanrio

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It certainly is a tough job being a hero, so we really can’t blame the characters from My Hero Academia wanting to catch a break to, erm, dust off their clothes and just be cute. And there’s no more perfect opportunity for that than a collaboration with the adorable characters from Sanrio! Check out our favorite heroes together with their Sanrio pair below.

First off, we get Midoriya Izuku together with the floppy-eared dog Pochacco. Hmm I guess we’ll be hard-pressed to look for a character that has a predominantly green color, so I’ll give this a pass.

Next we have Bakugo Katsuki with Bad Badtz-Maru. NOW THIS is a match made in Sanrio heaven: the spiky hair, the black and yellow color scheme. They’re meant for each other.

Uraraka Ochaco, of course, gets the girly My Melody. This pair also looks perfect for each other.

Iida Tenya is paired off with the blue-eyed puppy Cinamoroll. Once again, PERFECT COMBINATION. We’re not sure though if Cinamoroll can run as fast as Iida.

Todoroki Shoto is partnered off to the food-loving penguin, Tuxedo Sam. Honestly their only similarity is a shared affinity for ice, but then Shoto is half-fire as well, so we don’t know how that’s gonna play out with Tuxedo Sam. Guess the penguin won’t be too pleased when Shoto melts down his ice caps.

Another perfect combination is Asai Tsuyu with—who else?—Kero Kero Keroppi. I mean, they’re both frogs. Enough said.
Also let me just direct your attention to the fact that Keroppi is sitting on Asai’s tongue. You’re welcome.

Kirishima Eijiro is paired with Tiran from WeAreDinosaurs. Well, they do share almost the same color scheme…

Aizawa Shota’s partner is Chococat, which is also PERFECT yes. The color black, those seemingly listless eyes… you get the picture.

And finally we have the greatest hero himself, All Might, paired off with… Hello Kitty. Yeah I know they share absolutely zero similarities but I guess since Hello Kitty is the “greatest” among the Sanrio characters, then maybe that’s the reason they’re together? I dunno, man.

For those interested in owning a piece of cuteness along with your favorite heroes, TOKYU HANDS stores will be carrying these goods starting July. Products that will be released under this collaboration include apparel, stationery, and other items, so if you want to cop these, approach your old trusted proxy service now.

Source: Anime News Network

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