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Former Member of Idol Group KAT-TUN Junnosuke Taguchi Detained Over Marijuana Possession

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Japan is known to be very strict on its laws regarding cannabis: basically, drugs in Japan is a big no-no. Coupled by harsh punishments for those who will violate this law is the citizen’s general negative attitude towards drugs and an eagerness to cooperate with authorities on reporting suspected users thus made Japan’s drug use one of the lowest in the world.

It is therefore big news in Japan today that a celebrity was just found to be in possession of marijuana: Junnosuke Taguchi, former member of Japanese all-male idol group KAT-TUN. According to the Narcotics Control Department of a regional health bureau, they were able to confiscate smoking paraphernalia—reported to be rolling papers and a grinder—in his Tokyo apartment. Taguchi also admitted to using the illegal substance.

Arrested along with Taguchi is former TV & movie actress Rena Komine, whom he shares his apartment with. According to law enforcement officials, Taguchi claimed that the few grams of marijuana confiscated from their property belongs to them. Komine, on the other hand, claimed that the marijuana was hers alone.
Investigators stated that they will look into how and where the two celebrities purchased their marijuana, as they believe that the two were frequent users of the drug.

In 2006 Taguchi debuted as a member of idol group KAT-TUN, which was formed by renowned talent agency Johnny & Associates. In 2015, he officially announced his decision to leave the group; his last appearance with his fellow KAT-TUN members was in March 2016. He officially debuted as a solo artist in September of that year with the release of his first single “Hero”. According to his official website, he is set to embark on a nationwide concert tour starting this July. As of this writing, there are no announcements yet if this tour will be continued.

His girlfriend Rena Komine is a former TV and movie actress whose last appearance was in the 2010 movie Yakuza Busting Girls: Final Death Ride Battle. Ironically, she once featured in a public service ad warning about the dangers of stimulant drugs.

Source: Japan Times

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