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Universal Studios Japan Release Promotional Video for its Sailor Moon 4D Attraction

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A previous article in this website reported that Universal Studios Japan has added a new chapter in its hit Sailor Moon 4D experience. Entitled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D: Moon Palace Chapter, the chapter now includes the members of the Outer Senshi: Sailor Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This will be the first Sailor Moon 4D chapter that all of the eight Sailor Senshi are included in the story, along with Sailor Moon herself and her daughter (from the future) Chibiusa.

This weekend, Universal Studios Japan has released a 30-second promotional video on its Youtube channel which gives fans a glimpse of what to expect in the Moon Palace Chapter. Check it out below!

The video is narrated by Sailor Moon herself (VA. Kotono Mitsuishi), starting the video by saying that fans will first get to witness a romantic spectacle between her and her beloved, Tuxedo Mask. But suddenly, a mysterious enemy disrupts her magical soiree and threatens the peace! She, together with the other Sailor Senshi, vow to punish this new enemy.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Miracle 4-D: Moon Palace Chapter will run at Universal Studios Japan from May 31 to August 25, 2019. The Sailor Moon 4D attraction was first announced in September 2017 as part of Universal Studio’s “Universal Cool Japan” project, which aims to bring to life Japan’s most popular fictional franchises that are also well-loved outside of Japan. Some of the icons included in the project who have their own attractions in the park are Detective Conan, Evangelion, and most recently, Lupin the Third.

Sailor Moon was first launched and serialized in 1991 in Nakayoshi. Naoko Takeuchi’s work has since earned critical acclaim, numerous accolades, and has become one of the most lucrative and enduring anime franchises, selling over 35 million manga copies worldwide and earning an estimated $5 billion from merchandise sales alone.

Source: Crunchyroll News

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