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“Morgana Report” Video Reveals New Details About Persona 5 The Royal

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Atlus has launched a series of “video reports” about its upcoming game Persona 5 The Royal. The videos, dubbed “Morgana Report” (“Morgana Tsuushin” or “Monatsu” in Japanese”) are voiced by Morgana’s VA Ikue Ohtani. The Monatsu series will be reporting the new characters, features and additions in P5 Royal, all narrated of course by the Phantom Thieves’ hyperactive feline.

Check out the first episode of Monatsu below—unfortunately, the entire video in Japanese, but we can lend you a helping hand with that.

As mentioned above, we’ll try our best to help you understand the video. First off, Monatsu episode 1 simply reiterates some of the previously-reported additions to Persona 5: a new place to visit called Kichijoji, a new gaming bar where you can play darts or billiards, new eateries to spend time in (and increase one’s attributes, most likely), and an aquarium as a new date spot. The video also shows us a new feature where the protagonist’s friends can send him selfies via the in-game messaging app. We also see the protagonist hanging out with the new female character Kasumi Yoshizawa, who was previously described in the game’s website as such:

A new girl who’s just transferred into Shujin Academy the same spring the protagonist transferred there. Since the age of junior high, she’s got excellent score as an acrobatic contestant, and she is expecting the future days at Shujin Academy. She loves the protagonist, but she seems to dislike the stuff about the Phantom Thieves… ? Foe, or ally — Please look forward to more upcoming reports.

Persona 5 The Royal has also been reported to be adding in the third semester of the school year at Shujin, something which was not in the original Persona 5 game. A new confidant character named Takuto Maruki (voiced by Satoshi Hino) was also added. He is a part-time school counselor at Shujin, and his arcana is Le Consultant.

And now we go to the new details. The video hints at a new blue-haired “bishoujo” (“handsome boy”) character who is seen hanging out with and sleeping in the same bed as Joker. At one point in the video, this “bishoujo” is referred to by Morgana by using the archaic pronoun “wagahai”—the same one Morgana uses for himself (yes, I heard his voice in my head say “Wagahai”?). With this, it appears that we can all safely assume that this “bishoujo” is none other than Morgana himself.

Another new feature is that Joker can now hang out with everyone’s favorite jailers, Caroline and Justine, outside of the Velvet Room! Yes, you read that right—you can even take them out on a trip to a theme park, which honestly is the one thing I’ve always wanted to do ever since I laid eyes on them.

Persona 5 The Royal is slated for an October 31, 2019 release in Japan. According to Atlus, the game’s international release will be sometime in 2020.

Source: Anime News Network, Siliconera

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