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Final Fantasy VII Finally Escapes Development Hell, Releases New Trailer

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We all heard about this project four years ago, and it got us all excited: the much-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII, announced during E3 2015. After a year or two, sure we can still afford to be patient, yeah Square Enix take your time. But after the third year with no signs of life from the remake, everyone silently concluded that FF7 appears to be languishing in that dreaded place for any anticipated project: development hell.

And now, finally, the moment we have been all waiting for: a confirmation that the E3 2015 announcement wasn’t just a figment of our imagination. A spanking new, utterly gorgeous teaser trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake was revealed during Sony’s State of Play livestream presentation yesterday. Check out the English version below!

We get a glimpse of the slick gameplay and based on what we have seen it appears that this won’t just be a simple remake: there are some new character abilities and some unfamiliar ones as well. We of course get a glimpse of main character Cloud Strife and his all-too familiar blonde hairdo. In this new trailer, it appears that they did some little touch-ups with Cloud’s hair because it appears more put together and just a tad bit smoother, as compared to the first gameplay trailer released in 2015. Check it out below for comparison:

Also, do not fear it will take another four years for an update, as Square Enix has promised that new details will be made available by June. To further assuage your worries, Tetsuya Nomura himself stated in an interview in November that Final Fantasy VIII Remake will be the next PR priority for Square Enix once Kingdom Hearts 3 is released. Now that KH3 is sitting snug on gamers’ racks, we can rest easy that Square Enix will now shift their energies to the much-awaited FF VII remake.

There is no clear release window for the game yet (of course), but Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda has stated in a 2017 interview that the game is slated for a release in the next three years or so.

For now, all we can do is patiently wait.

Source: Anime News Network, Kotaku

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