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Yuri Series “Bloom Into You” Reveals New Visuals for Its Stage Play Adaptation

Bloom Into You is currently one of the most-popular yuri series, even ranking second in a popularity poll done by the Akiba Research Institute. Its manga and TV anime series proved to be huge successes, and now the beloved yuri manga is set to be adapted into a new medium: a live-action stage play!

The Bloom Into You stage play was announced last January, with the confirmed cast announced last March. Now, the official website of the stage play has just released gorgeous new visuals of the actresses & actors in character! Check them out below!

Kawauchi Misato as Koito Yuu, the main protagonist of the story. She wants to feel how being in love feels like, yet fails to reciprocate when someone confesses to her back in junior high. Her perspective on love changes when she meets second-year student Nanami Touko.

Koizumi Moeka as Nanami Touko, the student council president who maintains a facade of perfection to hide her deep-seated anxieties. She falls for Yuu at first sight and confesses it outright, but forbids the latter from falling for her.

Isobe Karin as Saeki Sayaka, Touko’s best friend who thinks that she knows Touko best. She develops romantic feelings for Touko but keeps it a secret for a long time, as she knows that this will jeopardize their friendship.

Ishiwatari Masyu as Seiji Maki, a member of the student council who found out about Yuu and Touko’s relationship. He promises to keep it a secret, as he claims that he is content by being a spectator in someone’s love story as he cannot see himself in one.

Harusaki Non as Koyomi Kanou, Yuu’s friend who is also a good writer. She was commissioned by the student council to write an original play for the school festival, which (unintentionally) accurately captures Touko’s internal conflict.

Igarashi Haruka as Hyuuga Akari, Touko’s friend who is a member of the basketball team. She harbors feelings for her basketball club senpai.

Tanoue Marina as Hakozaki Riko, the student council’s advisor. Unknown to her students, she is in a lesbian relationship.

Tatemichi Riona as Miyako Kodama, Riko-sensei’s girlfriend and a café manager. It is to her to whom Sayaka confides her feelings for Touko.

The script for the stage play adaptation will be written by Suzuki Tomoharu. It will run from May 3 to 12 and will be staged at the Zenrosai Hall/Space zero in Shibuya.

HIDIVE, which streams the TV anime series with English subtitles, describes the story as such:
”Yuu loves shoujo manga and waits for a love confession to make her feel like a character from her favorite stories but when a classmate admits his feelings, she feels nothing. Time passes and Yuu begins high school feeling lost and confused. Things begin to look up when she witnesses Nanami, the beautiful student council president, effortlessly turn down a boy. Yuu reaches out to Nanami for help and the two quickly become friends. Yuu’s heart is suddenly sent aflutter when the next person to confess their feelings is Nanami! Is Yuu’s own shoujo romance finally beginning?”

Source: Bloom Into You Stage Play official website via The Lily Cat


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