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English Dub VAs of Black Clover’s Asta & Noelle Announce Engagement

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The Asta & Noelle pairing is arguably the most popular Black Clover ship—after all, Asta obviously cares for her and there is the fact that Noelle does have romantic feelings for Asta. It’s just that Asta—like a lot of shonen protagonists—is really clueless, mainly because he’s focused on training to become the next Wizard King (there’s also Asta’s infatuation for Sister Lily, but we can argue that it is simply that). As the series seems to have no plans of further developing this good-looking pair, fans quench their thirst for this OTP through fanart, endless theories on Reddit and Quora, or the abundant trove of fanfiction over at AO3.

While we wait for Asta & Noelle to get together, this latest news about their real-life counterparts could perhaps satisfy Asta x Noelle shippers. wink wink

Last Sunday, the English dub VA of Noelle, Jill Harris, tweeted a picture of her and boyfriend, fellow VA Dallas Reid, attending a Renn Faire. She then casually mentioned that Dallas is now her fiancée, saying, “Went to the Renn Faire with my fiancé today. Did I mention that @FortWorthReid and I are engaged? ‘Cause we are.” Yes folks, just like that—which is really cool, but what makes this announcement even cooler is the fact that Dallas is the English dub VA of Asta himself!

Dallas Reid also tweeted the same picture, but with a different caption: “In 2018, I went to the renaissance fair with my girlfriend, @jillybeannomnom. Today I went with my fiancé. I’ve always talked about all the stuff I want to do. I knew she was the one when she started pressing me to actually do them. But, more on that later.” May we also direct everyone’s attention to the ring on Harris’ left ring finger? Yep.

Of course, greetings for the just-engaged couple poured from fans and fellow voice actors alike, such as Monica Rial, Brittany Lauda, and Micah Solusod. Predictably, the replies to their tweets were flooded with Asta & Noelle GIFs.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Source: Crunchyroll News

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