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Author of Yuri Manga Series “Kase-san and…” is Special Guest at Toronto Comic Arts Fest

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Good news to Yuri fans in Toronto, Canada (and nearby cities as well!): Hiromi Takashima, author of the beloved Yuri series Kase-san and… is a special guest at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival next month! She is attending TCAF to support the “100 Years of Yuri” program & gallery display headed by Yuri expert Erica Friedman.

The special Yuri gallery display, curated by Friedman herself, will feature “historical and contemporary yuri manga materials and original art”. The display is open to the public for free. In addition, Friedman will host a discussion on the history of Yuri manga.

Takashima will feature in the program’s Special Feature interview and will also be signing fan’s copies of Kase-san and… herself. For fans who will be coming to see Takashima, please be reminded that taking photos of her or with her during her stage appearances is not allowed, as she had explicitly requested this to protect her privacy.

Kase-san and… was serialized in Shinshokan’s Hirari magazine from 2010 to 2017, with the English license for the series being handled by Seven Seas Entertainment. It tells the story of the timid, flower-loving Yui Yamada who falls for her senpai and her school’s track and field star, the boyish and exuberant Tomoka Kase. The manga’s five volumes (so far) explore the gradual blossoming of their relationship, and eventually the challenges they face through high school and beyond. An OVA of Kase-san was released in Japanese theaters last year, and a sequel series, Yamada to Kase-san began publication in April 2017.

Source: TCAF official website

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