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Ancient Magus’ Bride Returns With New Animated Short

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The TV anime series may have long ended, but fan love for the Ancient Magus’ Bride is still going strong—and so is its manga. For fans who miss watching Chise and her beloved Ainsworth in animated form, fret not as Wit Studio has just released a short web anime for the dark fantasy series! The three-minute video is actually a promotional material for the Ancient Magus’ Bride’s 11th manga volume, which was released on March 9. Wit Studio returns for the animated short, as well as the voice actors for key characters such as Chise Hatori (VA. Atsumi Tanezaki) and Elias Ainsworth (VA. Ryota Takeuchi). JUNNA, who sang the TV anime’s OP, also returns to sing the theme song “Sky”.

Check it out below!

The animated short is entitled “The Ancient Magus’ Bride Academy Edition”, which covers the “Gakuin” arc of the manga wherein female protagonist Chise is studying magic in a university. In the video her magus guardian, Elias, is still with her, and so is her magical familiar Ruth. Other characters who are seen in the animated short include Silky and Cartaphilius (VA. Ayumu Murase).

Ancient Magus’ Bride is written and illustrated by Kore Yamazaki and is currently being published in Japan by Mag Garden in its Monthly Comic Garden magazine, while licensing rights for the series in the US is handled by Seven Seas Entertainment. Wit Studio adapted the series into a TV anime and aired it from October 2017 to March 2018. It tells the story of Chise Hatori, an orphaned high school student who is shunned by everyone because of her mysterious abilities. Having nowhere else to go, she sells herself off in an auction where she is bought for five million pounds by a magus named Elias Ainsworth, a seven-foot tall humanoid with an animal skull for a head. He brings her with him to Britain, and under his guidance, discovers her true identity and his world in which she truly belongs.

Source: Crunchyroll, Anime News Network, MAG Garden official Youtube channel

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