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Digimon Adventure Releases Trailer For Its 20th Anniversary Movie

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The original DigiDestined are set to make a grand comeback! As part of the anime’s 20th anniversary, Digimon Adventure is set to come out with a new film, with the teaser trailer for the upcoming project just released yesterday. Check it out below:

Tentatively titled Digimon Adventure the Movie, the film will follow the original DigiDestined at age 22, their ages in line with the franchise’s anniversary (Digimon was created in 1997, with the anime series launched two years later). A preview of character designs of Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, TK, and Kairi as grownups was revealed last December:

If you look closely at the picture, there are short sentences written under each character’s name in Kanji. These are actually short teasers for each, giving fans a glimpse of how the original DigiDestined are now as grownups. Below are the translations:

• Joe: Did he manage to pass his entrance exams…!? A 23-year-old whose choice of career path is of great interest.
• Mimi: A charming 21-year-old dressed in fashionable clothing!
• Izzy: A 21-year-old who looks great in a suit!? Could he be working at a job already?
• Matt: Matt with his ever calm and collected expression. He seems to have a gentle air to him too!?
• Tai: He still sports his signature hairstyle. His expression accurately reflects his carefree personality!
• Sora: 22 years old. Did she decide to devote herself to the art of Ikebana!? Her kimono suits her perfectly!
• T.K.: 19 years old and all grown up, he’s grown even taller than his older brother Matt!?
• Kairi: While her innocent personality still remains, she seems to have her act together more than her brother Tai does!

The sequel film will be bringing back series creator Hiromi Seki as the supervisor of the film. Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru and Kenji Watanabe are also returning as the film’s original character and monster designers, respectfully.

Launched in 1997, Digimon was conceived by Bandai, Toei Animation and Wiz to capitalize on the Tamagotchi craze. An anime series was launched in 1999 about a group of children called the DigiDestined who were sent to the Digimon world to fight evil creatures. The franchise has since spawned several series and films.

Digimon Adventure the Movie is slated for a spring 2020 release.

Source: Anime News Network, Crunchyroll

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