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Square Enix Files Trademark for Parasite Eve in the United Kingdom

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Game company Square Enix recently filed a trademark to Parasite Eve in the United Kingdom. Last year, they have filed for the same game title in Europe. As of this time, it is not for certain yet to what the intention of the trademarks are for.

The Parasite Eve series started in 1998 and was first released for the Sony PlayStation. This was then followed with Parasite Eve II in 1999, and the third sequel titled The 3rd Birthday was released in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

There hasn’t been any releases under the franchise name since the third sequel and would be very interesting to see the game again regardless if it’s a remake or a new sequel. Fans would definitely be delighted for its return soon.

For a trademark to be successfully filed, the company should prove that it has a specific intention to use the trademark. This can be in any form of media like a video game, book, movie, TV show, and so on.

Parasite Eve Trailer

Parasite Eve II Trailer

The 3rd Birthday

Source: Siliconera

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