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Release the Spyce to Launch Smartphone Game in Mid-February

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News Writer: Raven

Release the Spyce secret fragrance, a smartphone game based on the Release the Spyce animé is set to be released in mid-February. The game is being developed by Altplus in collaboration with Trifort Inc. The game’s official website is currently running a pre-registration campaign, with the SR character of Minamoto Momo as the reward.

It was also announced that secret fragrance will feature a new character, Hisui Munechika (VA: Mayu Sagara, who also voices Kasumi Nakasu of the Perfect Dream Project from the LoveLive! franchise). Hisui is part of an in-game original group of characters called “Nagi no butai” (The Calm Unit). It is unknown yet on whether this group will be fighting for or against the Tsukikage, the main group of characters from the Release the Spyce animé.

The animé first aired in Japan from October to December 2018. The story follows a group of female high school spies called the Tsukikage, who fight crime syndicates in their city by using the power of spices. Main character Minamoto Momo is suddenly recruited to join the group when Tsukikage members Yachiyo Mei and Ishikawa Goe discover her heightened senses.

Release the Spyce is a collaboration between Yuruyuri manga creator Namori and Yuki Yuna is a Hero creator Takahiro as original character designer and concept creator, respectively. Takahiro was also reported to be directly supervising the story of secret fragrance.

Source: Anime News Network, Release the Spyce secret fragrance official website

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