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Real Train Accident Footage Used in Live-Action ‘Death Note’ Netflix Film was Used Without Permission

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Just more than a year after the premiere of Netflix’s live-action movie adaptation of Death Note was released, another round of criticism is now being surfaced once again. According to Dutch news sources, the movie was actually using a real footage of a 2010 train accident in Belgium. The incident caused 310 injured and 19 people dead.

According to the National Railway Company of Belgium, Netflix did not approach and ask for permission to use the said footage. Spokesman Dimitri Temmerman said in the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper that “This shows little respect for the victims and surviving relatives, or for the staff of the railway and the emergency services. We are deciding whether to take steps to deal with this matter,"

Families of the deceased as well of the survivors of the incident were not even notified by Netflix on the usage of the said footage which got them very angry. One of the survivors Anita Mahy expressed angrily that, “You’ll just sit and watch a movie in the evening unsuspectingly, only to face the accident again."

The movie premiered in Netflix on August 25, 2017 starring Nat Wolff as Light Turner, Magaret Qualley as Mia Sutton, Keith Stanfield as L, Shia Whigham as James Turner, Paul Nakauchi as Watari, and Williem Dafoe as the voice of Ryuk. The movie was mostly criticized due to being completely different from the Death Note manga.

Source: Anime News Network

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