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Haikyuu! Returns to the Screen with a New Anime

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It has been confirmed, the volleyball anime “Haikyuu!!” is making a return. Announced at a stage presentation held at the Jump Festa ’19 event, it was not specified whether the new series meant a new season but there will be a “kickoff event” to be held on September 22 for the new series.

Haikyuu!!” is a sports series that began as a shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. The manga has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since February 2012 and currently has around 35 volumes released. Prior to its serialization, the series started as a one-shot in Shueisha’s seasonal Jump NEXT! Magazine.

The anime adaption of the series premiered in April 2014 and was produced by Production I.G. There are a total of three seasons along with four films and two specials. It was in December 2016 that the third season ended. The anime was directed was directed by Susumu Mitsunaka and written by Taku Kishimoto with character designs adapted by Takahiro Kishida.

The general story of the series tells of Shōyō Hinata, an aspiring volleyball player. When he was in elementary school he caught a game of the Karasuno “Small Giant” on a TV display. Inspired by the player being short himself, Hinata trained as much as he could in the sport even though his school had no actual male volleyball team. Even after forming a small team, Hinata suffers a crushing defeat in his first and last tournament in middle school at the hands of his rival Tobio Kageyama.

As he enters Karasuno High’s volleyball team, Hinata forms the goal of defeating Kageyama in a game only to learn that Kageyama has also entered the team. While the two butt heads initially, they soon learn that they make for a highly strong combo. Together with the team, they aim to raise Karasuno’s ranks once more and aim for nationals.

With the third season, it featured the battle between Karasuno high and the powerhouse Shiratorizawa Academy while facing their greatest hurdle; Shiratorizawa’s ace, Wakatoshi Ushijima, the number one player in the Miyagi Prefecture, and one of the country’s top three aces.

The cast for Karasuno High is as follows:

Ayumu Murase as Shōyō Hinata
Kaito Ishikawa as Tobio Kageyama
Satoshi Hino as Daichi Sawamura
Miyu Irino as Kōshi Sugawara
Yuu Hayashi as Ryūnosuke Tanaka
Nobuhiko Okamoto as Yū Nishinoya
Yoshimasa Hosoya as Asahi Azumane
Kouki Uchiyama as Kei Tsukishima
Sōma Saitō as Tadashi Yamaguchi
Toshiki Masuda as Chikara Ennoshita
Kazunari Tanaka as Keishin Ukai
Kaori Nazuka as Kiyoko Shimizu

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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