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Ryōma Takeuchi Stars in the Pokémon: Detective Pikachu Live-Action Film's Japanese Dub

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The upcoming “Detective Pokemon” film will be having a Japanese dub and playing the role of protagonist Tim Goodman is actor Ryōma Takeuchi. In addition to the announcement of the new cast member, it has been confirmed that the film would.

This will be Takeuchi’s first voice-acting role in a Japanese dub of a Western film. He is generally known as a Japanese actor and model who is affiliated with Horipro and began his career around 2013. In terms of voice acting, he has voiced Gou Asakura in “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” and Hajime Mugino in “Kahogo no Kahoko.” Throughout his career though, he has become best known for playing Shinnosuke Tomari, the main character of the “Kamen Rider” series “Kamen Rider Drive.”

At the press event which revealed his new role, Justice Smith, who will play Tim, and Kathryn Newton, who will play Lucy, also appeared with the film’s director Rob Letterman. As for the release date of the film, it will open on May 10, 2019, in the United States while it has only been confirmed that it will be released in Japan in May 2019.

Based on the “Detective Pikachu” Nintendo 3DS game, the film started production in London in mid-January and will be distributed by Warner Bros. and TOHO in North America and Japan respectively.

Directing the film is Rob Letterman who will also be working on the screenplay along with Alex Hirsch and Nicole Perlman.

The cast of the film includes:

Justice Smith as Tim Goodman
Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu (voice)
Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens
Ken Watanabe as Detective Yoshida
Karan Soni as Jack
Omar Chaparro as Sebastian
Paul Kitson as Harry Goodman

Also included in the cast are Bill Nighy, Chris Geere, Suki Waterhouse, Rita Ora, and Omar Chaparro

The “Detective Pikachu” game was first released in Japan in 2016. It is an adventure game developed by Creatures Inc., published by The Pokémon Company, directed by Naoki Miyashita, and written by Tomokazu Ohara and Haruka Utsui. A spin-off game of the “Pokemon” franchise, the game features players taking control of Tim Goodman as he works together with Detective Pikachu to solve various mysteries. They mainly walk around scenes, find potential clues and question both people and Pokemon for new information.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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