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A Light Novel Recommendation: "Tensei Shitanode Tsugi Koso wa Shiawasena Jinsei wo Tsukande Misemashou"

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Following her death via moving, a young woman finds herself reborn as a young noble’s daughter named Lizbeth or Liz. As she grows she makes a girl to “have a moderately successful life.” Easier said than done with everything that goes on around her,

Thoughts on the Story and Characters

Initially, the series starts off with the basic formula of the protagonist realizing that they have been reborn and have ended up as a noble daughter with doting and influential parents. A basic starting point for reincarnation stories really. In the progression of the story though, it becomes clear that the development of both the story and characters makes for the strongest point of the series. It takes its time to establish the characters and their relations which make for highly engaging points when connecting to the characters.

Frankly, all of the characters are endearing figures that more than keeping the story interesting. More than the way they connect to the Liz, their individual stories also held interesting points and helped in fleshing them out as actual characters rather than supporting, comedic or even possible romantic figures of the story. Well, they do have some typical points and its fairly obvious by the middle of the series who the author is planning to pair Liz with amongst the three candidates. Still, it was nice to see how the prince developed and the way he ends up as a charmer who only had eyes for Liz made for some fun scenes.

Other than (prince name) though, (wizard name) made for an interesting character in how he seemed to have ended up as the male friend character, which is something that is not really seen in these kinds of stories. And while it is fairly obvious that Liz would end up with (tutor), their relationship was well-built without too many cliches. On the note of cliches, while a majority of the characters are interesting in their own way, the villains are pretty high on the cliche levels and it’s clear they’re only around to add drama and bring up the plot. Looking at the story as a whole, there are quite a bit of predictable points to be found.

Should you Read it?

For those who into reincarnation stories and are looking for some good character and story development, this is the series to read. All of the main characters are engaging in different and for those who are fond of shipping characters, there is a lot of cute and humorous moments to be found between Liz and the other characters. As a whole though, the series truly does well in growing and developing the characters and the only thing that can be said against it is their re some cliche and predictable characters and moments. That and the secondary characters like Liz’s family and others could have been explored and fleshed out a tad more.

Score: B+

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